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ESL’s IEM Oakland League of Legends tournamentwill be broadcast November 19 & 20th with your stage host Mark Register alongside Sjokz(shocks), Crumbzz, Zirene (zeye reen), Tsepha (see-fah), Froskurinn (froh-skur-in), Papasmithy,& Achilios (ah-kill-e-os).

Blizzard announces their Overwatch Leaguewhere each team will represent a city, team owners may bid for their team to representa city, which could potentially cost owners a lot of money for a permanent league spot.

Team owners must have clear contracts withall players.

Blizzard will hold an open tournament calleda Combine for the best players to prove themselves and be scouted and recruited by city teams.

The open Combine tournament will ensure avery active community and viewership base as many will watch intently to learn fromtop players.

The 2017 regular season will be played remotelyonline but Playoffs and Finals will be offline LANs at a live audience venue.

Nate Nanzer Blizzard’s global Esports directorsays “We hope that by having these local teams that in a few years every team has homegames.

There’s millions of kids around the worldthat would love to go to an esports tournament and buy merch, but can’t because of travelcosts.

These localized teams will unlock lots oflocal revenue,” There will be an offseason that Nanzer says teams can use to rest orplay in 3rd party tournaments.

The Overwatch League website will be the comprehensiveguide for players, teams, and tournaments.

Blizzard will create a new kind of fan withtheir mandatory city based teams.

local fans.

Most likely major city sports teams that aresavvy to Esports will out bid independent teams to obtain a spot but not every majormetropolitan city has an Esports savvy sports team owner or leader and this could be theperfect opportunity for new organizations in major cities to invest long term in a financiallysustainable team.

It’s unlikely but hey we all root for theunderdog and it would make for a great story.

But a few questions ring out in the subreddits.

Once a team owner obtains a league slot willit be easier for that team to obtain a league spot for other Blizzard games when they adoptthe structure of their Overwatch League to Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft, Warcraft,Hearthstone, and any other future titles? Will Blizzard give a percentage of Broadcastrights and sponsorships to teams in the league? Will the home matches, that Nanzer says willhappen in the next few years, have each team playing in their respected hometown, playingeach other remotely or will teams travel for each match? If they do it remotely, it would be nice thatevery game would be a home game.

What do you guys think? Blizzard and Google begin collaboration onusing DeepMind to create an AI Starcraft II bot that will eventually be able to beat thebest Starcraft players in the world using machine learning, as it has with so many gamesincluding most recently with beating the top Go player in the world.

A big wrench in the system includes the fogof war, not allowing the computer to know what the other player is doing without scouting.

Using inputs like the map, minimap, and othersDeepmind will initially learn from watching years of top tier gameplay footage from Starcrafttournaments then move on to live human opponents.

In June I predicted the following “Whenwill AI be able to learn how to play Esports games and school us all? In 5 Years.

In the last few months Google DeepMind beatsthe top Go boardgame player in the world and learns curiosity and reward to complete thevideo game Montezuma’s Revenge.

There are more variables in Esports titlesthan most of the simple games being played right now by DeepMind.

Hearthstone could be the lowest hanging fruitand could be mastered in a year or two if focused on today given you plug in all thecards abilities and run the scenarios.

A MOBA game like League of Legends will takemuch longer, there are so many variables that in order to run enough scenarios to effectivelylearn how to play it we would need to figure out a different approach or wait until quantumcomputing comes to fruition and badabing it would take a second to master not only anyMOBA Esport but pretty much anything in the world.

” So 5 months not 5 years later DeepMind isalready attacking its first Esports game.

Because of that I will now adjust my estimatethat DeepMind will defeat top players in MOBA games like League of Legends from June 2021to March 2019.

Ethan Gach reports Ninjas in Pyjamas CounterStrike player Xizt says in an interview, “We didn’t really care too much about the EchoFox team, I mean come on.

” Echo Fox’s League of Legends team was alsoalmost relegated in this year’s summer split.

Rick Fox addresses the issue that his teamsare underperforming by saying “We’re not trying to run our business in the ground,but we’re also not owned by a conglomerate that’s treating Echo Fox like a small partof their board.

To be successful in this business you needtalented players, and that means you need to connect.

You can pay guys money but that still doesn’tmean they’re going to pour in their heart and soul, so it’s definitely important.

” Building a winning team is a delicate balanceof strengthening mechanics, adapting to changes in the metagame with regular patches, buildingnew strategies against each team and player, hiring the right support staff and playersand finding just the right configuration of all of them, providing downtime to rechargewith a life outside of the game, and exercising for the body & mind.

South Korea’s SK Telecom T1 has masteredthe balance but North American teams like Echo Fox have not been able to emulate theirsuccess.

However the real question is, will a teamlike Echo Fox find success in emulating a South Korean team like SKT then becoming thebetter version of them or will trying to be like SKT always keep them falling short andthe only answer is a completely new approach? League of Legends player Deft says “I thinkI had good performances in China, but I’ve always been disappointed at worlds.

I don’t think I have a lot of time in whichI can continue to perform well.

I wish to return to Korea where I have a higherchance of winning worlds.

Since I want to return to Korea, I’m notexpecting the level of pay like I had in China.

I hope the fans still support me since I’llbe returning for the first time in a while.

” Reaffirming that if you want to make money,go to China, if you want to win Worlds, go to South Korea.

Josh Raven at Slingshot reports about a dozenEuropean League of Legends players are in a Skype group chat that is arguably swayingroster acquisitions and maliciously hurting players’ careers.

Some players have accused the group with tamperingin the transfer of players Zven & Mithy.

Slingshot says “One former LCS player describedthe process as targeting a player the group didn’t like and then repeatedly criticizinghim to fellow teammates and coaching staff, hoping to eventually convince the team todrop him.

” With funding from Jim Fowler – Happy Walters& Josh Swartz launch Catalyst Sports & Media an agency dealing in basketball, soccer, andEsports representation and investing.

Esports lawyer Bryce Blum is hired as theirExecutive Vice President and will continue working as an Esports lawyer for his IME lawfirm on the side.

The Next Level gives us a chart showing the19 Pro Sports Teams that have started Esports teams across the world.

On a side note, there are independant Amateur,Pro, and Collegiate Esports teams popping up regularly that I don’t mention, but forthe sake of having it on the record… there’s a lot of new teams being formed every monthand usually every week.

Former Epsilon Esports League of Legends playersare fighting to collect the $25k owed to them, which is one month’s salary for the wholeteam, from the team owners.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Dolphinssay they are looking to enter Esports and that “We’re in the hunt right now.

It’s insanity.

” or as Jeremy Lin wouldsay, Linsanity.

Jason Lake tweets out “Elon Musk personallytold me ‘before long, Esports will be the biggest sport in the world.

’ Freaking visionary.

” do you smell that… mmm validation from awidely successful long term visionary.

Feels good.

The Spanish Institute of Youth and the NationalAssociation for the Promotion of Digital Entertainment announce their creation of the Spanish Federationof Video Games and Esports.

Crumbz launches Agency for Professional Esports,providing services such as contract negotiations, individual sponsorships, branding, and post-careermanagement.

Part of Diablo 1 is re-released using Diablo3’s game engine so I can say – hello my friend, stay awhile and listen for the nexttwo years of your free time.

Former Daily Dot journalist Samuel Linglemoves to NRG as their Overwatch coach.

Congratulations Sam on making the big move.

ESL announces their 2017 Counter Strike ProLeague prize pool will increase from $1.

5M to $2M spread over two seasons in the year.


Tv now includes the ability to automaticallycapture, tag, and present Overwatch replays in their annotated timelines.

UK Gaming Commission is in the process ofanalyzing the function of Bitcoins and skin betting in online gambling.

YouTube Gaming hosts a Clash Royale with cheesetournament called the King’s Cup Live with a $100k prize pool.

Reggie Miller says “I believe Jerebko hasa team in the ELeague, the Renegades, that he currently owns.

He’s trying to get a Call of Duty team.

This guy has too much time on his hands.

He needs to be in the gym.

” Seriously Jonas, look at yourself, pull yourselftogether.

That’s it have a great rest of your day.