Car Reviews / Volkswagen Golf GTI First Decade: Hybrid concept debuts at Worthersee


Volkswagen Golf GTI First Decade: Hybrid concept debuts at Worthersee Under the bonnet, the Golf GTI First Decade has a 300kW engine, presumably a variant of the companys 20-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol motor, driving the front wheels At the back, theres a 48V electric motor generating up to 12kW of power and spinning the rear wheels

Depending on the situation, the petrol and electric motors can either work together or by themselves This means the GTI First Decade can run as a regular front-wheel hot hatch or in all-wheel drive mode At low speeds and for short distances, the car can also operate as a pure EV The electric motor is powered by two batteries, which are recharged via regenerative braking Externally, the GTI First Decade is hard to miss with its black and blue 20-inch alloy wheels, Clubsport rear spoiler, and high gloss black grille

The cars body is finished in dark blue paint overlaid with lighter blue highlights, stripes, numbering and First Decade decals On the inside, the GTI First Decade has sports seats that can be electronically adjusted via a smartphone or tablet app In addition to a back massaging function, the seats have been trimmed in black Nappa leather, fake suede and blue stitching Theres also eye-catching blue trim throughout the cabin, and upgrades to the instrumentation and touchscreen infotainment systems The rear seats have been replaced by a high-end sound system boasting a total output of 1690 watts from 11 speakers and a subwoofer