one Vivian had 1,000,000 head 1,000,000 have to Vivian head back to another deviant rise my new series that I'm trying out to see you guys like where I take asking on television or any kind of really cool kitchen gadgets and I trying out to see if they stuck so today i have this potato express which claims can cook up to four potatoes in four minutes who doesn't love a quick meal in the microwave so i have two potatoes here that I'm going to use in this test i'll put them in this little baggie we're going to put them in the microwave for minutes this should be a quick video I'm going to let you guys know how many heads were going to get to this asking on television product sorry for long stretches insert potato put it into my boy perfect results that's what I want let's see your potatoes will not fit in here like this one too no I don't think so insert potato potato in the bag so you're always saying even on my tastes like saying okay that guy's in there all right second one planet I don't know how the hell for fit in there sounds like a stretch that no way for potatoes but in there that's already and no no yep for little tiny potatoes okay all right there in there let's go put it in the microwave a few moments later Todd but it's not like really really hot so we have all this is such a fail i can already tell do those potatoes are rock-hard what of sale ok coming to the first one no way it's hot but it's not like yeah right that's still need about another 10 minutes in there look complete fail now I mean it's a little cooked but not no way this one let's see no you can see very clearly that they're both raw look bra from their full wrong this is a total fail this thing no good fail it was a fail the potatoes are still raw and i only put two in there and said i could put up to 4 i'm going to give this as seen on television gadget one Vivian had this guy was our first sale welcome back to another busy and tries today we are making potato chips in the microwave yes you heard me right my friends over at the force with the spiky hand their channel is linked down below they sent me this really cool get it all the way from Korea and we're going to give it a try they also sent me this guy to use to slice the potatoes put it on this little tray and stick it in the microwave for a minute i don't have high hopes for this one I don't know how we can get crispy yummy potato chips from the microwave in four minutes not sure what we're about to find out let's then voila look at that now that is very sure Trump this is very cool look I got a thousand potato chips on there that that's like a whole bag of potato chips I didn't love how it looks and they're so then they are like paper thin ok do you really think if this thing works yeah okay beautiful french fries they're not french fries beautiful potato chips now do you really think this thing is gonna cook all of these guys and four minutes in the microwave let's put it in the microwave ok for Minister let's go see what we get out of the microwave no not even cookbook what a fail you guys look there's like Lindsay then like rubber they're not cooked what a disaster I mean I didn't have high hopes for it but it kind of look cool on this thing i'm going to put a man for another four minutes what you think let's try alright another four minutes up lets see know how sad look at these head there's kind of starting to smell like french fries this is a total fail you guys so I'm gonna give this guy 1 million head LOL welcome back to another baby and tries today i have an egg gadget and I going to really know what it does it's a clever cracker-ass going on television easy scramble or crack eggs with no mess I'm nervous we could really make a mess with some eggs of this shit and work it's going to crack it and scramble it for me you and it'll even instantly removes yolks from egg not that I like I mean any batteries or anything right its place egg onto clever scrambler buddy watch out probably better double-a batteries let me go get some batteries alright let's see what this is all about I don't remember what the review said on amazon oh it's it's two gadgets 1i think this is the little scrambler which I'm excited about that this is going up yeah but i think this is the one that needs batteries supercool scramble your eggs before you even crack it oh yeah yeah yeah okay open it we go put in your that money up or down to say i'm going to put them like this but up ok screw this on oh I'm excited this works let's see here that here can you hear it yeah it's working yeah gonna scramble my egg ok it has a little needle in there you see the needle ok so i have an egg I think you just go like that blue right okay ready who here out of my face ready 1 ready wait maybe I should get like this hand this hand ready one losing a stronger hand anyone I'm right-handed one two three go if this bust all over the place ready 123 go whoa didn't go on ready 123 can you guys see that if I can one two three go I've been meeting oh no I meant it that's not cool oh we straighten it up ok I got it kind of straight okay what am i right I'm gonna wait ok maybe you're supposed to push it down and you don't like her I think you have to ready 123 go got it did you see that it was quick you got you have to have like super powers to see that she goes so fast ok ready to turn it on what you hear it you're gonna hear it it's done just stopped myself legs going around and around it's a present to do you see that can you see that on camera don't miss the excitement of this video what usually on look at that is turning my egg in circles come on look I don't know that's what it's supposed to do that's happening because i damaged it is going in circles this is entertainment right here then ok I'm going to turn it off it's scrambled enough let me go get a plate so we can see his grandma wanted have tiny little ball or put it in here ready now and then you just take okay that's weird the end what it cook it the white stuff over there ok ready this better be scrambled if it is not impressed ready 123 go see my own that shit is not scramble at all and i'm going to spill it up and show you that that is not scrambled it busted the yoke that it must bale the Scrambler is a piece of the second piece simplest what that I do want to catch my yoke I don't like the yokai only like the egg white what you get and struck guns ezp there's a little thing like they're put that in there grab my yoke you gotta work we gotta give you at least half credit for this gadget alright look we'll catch the yolk right there is yet another it not it i'm gonna get my saying little what is this for that extra what is this gonna put the egg in between two little holders like so easy i'm excited do you go like really hard like bio or do you just gently practice mobile-ready it makes them mad ready 123 go the goal here is catch my yoke crack my egg right got it let's see what happens I'm gonna go fast I'm scared ready 123 go I think it work weight it busted the yolk if it busts the yolk you're not separating the yolk from the white I mean it crack the egg it did that but if busted my go get some fuel what a shit what a piece of junk am i doing it wrong have you tried this let me know in the comments below what did I do wrong here both of the gadgets are a fail the X scrambler it is a really cool idea and i like that is turning on 22 but it doesn't work i'm gonna give this guy doesn't work i have to give it a 1 million head and this cracking it kind of worked it cracked the egg but it does not separate my yolk and the way so i'm going to give this guy 1,000,000 have to another Vivian tries today I have another asking on television product i have this guy did you guys see my last video the packaging on some of these as seen on television products looks a little shady makes it seem like the product of not going to work this guy you need to improve your packaging i'm just going to give us a tip that's a free tip I'm not going to charge you guys for that one but this is called perfect bride asking on television one-step french fry cutter this is supposed to be really easy what do you do we're going to eat your potato potato here gonna put it in the thing and then you push the other thing and bam you have potatoes like you do when you go to in and out burger that shits fresh they have cut it right there in front of you you have internet burger in your hails let's see what this is gonna do overworked you like my shirt links down below in the description if you want one ok easy it's easy it's so what the hell is wrong with people this grows at the washer guys this thing comes out look saying be careful don't do what I just did ok that's it but it back and it's Prince doesn't look complicated kind of still sound dirty but all right here in my face ok this should be like the fastest video I think I've made yet ok if you want in and out french fries at home going to see if this product can produce why am I scared why do I feel scared maybe because their blades in there ok maybe I should got a small baby potato ok it's already hard to balance the table like a jigsaw wait I feel something happening don't move hold on you gotta have muscles for this what the wait come on now place the potato yeah push down with cover yeah okay keep ready 1 123 go mother okay hold on ready 123 go my right arm that's much stronger ready 123 go mother what is happening maybe after maybe have to help maybe a little bit okay let's say you know I gave it a little sister drink know what I was so excited about this one because i want fresh french fries for miles what come on ready go my doing wrong am i doing it wrong do you see what I'm doing tell me what am I doing here like your look at the garden somewhere that's stopping me I feel like there's a bard something like we've got the wiggle it only be a gigolo gotta jiggle it jiggle it come on sweat i'm burning off the calories of the rings I haven't had yet there's a workout you gotta work for your Brides fuck in and out is better than this that that there is no way in hell maybe I put it oh I did it wrong you see it's kind of going in I did it wrong guys we're going to start over we didn't just see that that was my bad when this piece fell out i put in backwards i put it in a little i put it upside down I put the blade down dum-dum god don't do that guy i was just okay I'm gonna put on the other end since i already wait a sec at way does that good don't let me down now ok blades are in the right place let's see what happens one two ready 1 ready what two three go better but still mother what kind of work i'm gonna give it up on it yet potatoes falling apart kind of damage did but I don't have another potato for this 1i one ball one potato we're gonna need a lot of tickets here but let's see what the hell it's already been like five minutes has it been five minutes french fries are not supposed to take this long i mean the idea good Jesus right I'm not doing it wrong the way mother go I broke it i have mashed potatoes into French fries you can make mashed potatoes dude don't be a complete fail when we're trying we're not going to give up we're not quitters we're not giving up that now it's big in against the potato but one two three yup it's like know for me I look like I've just been run over by a car french fries no now i can take the potato well you're screwed you got the holding away this is just jack give me my money back this shit don't work and i'm still trying to get one spring triad is potato oh well we're going to call him fail and we're going to call it like a big fail like not even got some mashed potatoes it's a great idea but you don't work so about that don't buy this I'm gonna get this guy 1 million head while you guys and welcome back to another baby and tries today i have this giant box in front of me it is a power pressure cooker right power cooker I've seen a thousand infomercial smooth think what do you think does it work I thought you know what let's try it in one of these videos to see if it really works so i have here some pinto beans and these guys are rock hard i have not soak them overnight if you've ever cooked beans you know you gotta soak these guys for ever in order to cook them from the research that I have done we should cook these rock-hard pinto beans in 30 minutes 30 minutes no soaking no nothing cooked beans in 30 minutes do you guys think that we can get that done I don't think so i hope it proves me wrong i hope it does I hope it really worked because of it does it is a lifesaver I'm going to tell you the honest truth so this is not a recipe video I will not be giving you a recipe on making pinto beans with your pressure cooker i'm gonna give you a review to let you know if the beans are fully cooked at the end so all I'm going to put it in the power flicker is going to be the beans with water that's it in 30 minutes I'll let you know if it really worked let's see what's in this giant hope is not hard to use oh my god I was so sick got manuals with now here it is guys and let's pull it out of here where it is it right in the box ok get here we go oh ok ok I got it open for steaming we have a cup and a su and ya soon have the little measuring in cup in searching paper remove ok I feel like there's something missing along the ball go ahead and plug your fan going to set this for 30 minutes all right you guys so this thing has been a total fail i think they forgot to give me the little plastic gasket I don't know the plot the rubber ring that goes around to seal it because 20 minutes in this thing's thurs to spew water all over the place i thought i was going to blow up I immediately unplugged it and it's not been sitting here for 20 minutes just to make sure all of the pressure is out of it we're going to open it i'm not happy with it because i think i have a missing piece I think they did not give me all the pieces and checking the box and make sure is not there's nothing in the thought this is just a little steaming thing see that it they must have not given me that let's look inside release Oh see you guys I think there's supposed to be something inside of this lid with a plastic gasket heard the instruction that's what is telling me I don't have that didn't give me that you guys told me open it was not there so I don't have a plastic nothing inside they've been oh oh no they're still rock hard no all right you guys so I really can't review this thing i will give it to Vivian heads because i'm so disappointed that they did not give me a piece it just spewed all over my counter what a total waste of time this was a total fail i might do another review i might not even waste my time I might just send this thing back all right you guys thank you so much for coming back to another Vivian tries even though this was a failed one if you are liking these types of videos give the video a thumbs up if you're new to the channel subscribe i put out a number of videos throughout the week if you know a food product or a kitchen gadget that you want me to try in one of my videos let me know that in the comments below as well i'll see you guys in the next one bye.