Why I SKIPPED Reverse Commissions Review – Scam? 2017 Rotator Team Proof Bonuses


what up what up what up she wolf aka the Jedi marker we're doing an unbiased reverse commissions, review on reverse commissions and the reason why I leaned over a bottle and unbiased reviews because i'm i'm not an affiliate of adverse conditions and I'm reverse commissions review, not promoting them and i won't be promoting on and the reason why is because I'm already in the pro the original program that reverse Commission stole the idea from is that is reverse Commission's a legitimate program no one's getting scanned no one yelled scam so you're not this video has absolutely nothing to do with exposing a message scam so they're not a scam in my humble opinion however the problems I have with this company is that there they basically are riding off the reverse commissions reviews, coattails of the original company that they started so the owners of the cut of this company are actually affiliates of this company easy one up so basically what they did they took the whole concept of easy one up and they put it all into their own program reverse Commission's which you know as a marketer smart sure you know you that's what you should do right build your own product now what's good what's bad about it is that is there basically they just took all the easy one of affiliates everybody was all the top earners every reverse commissions bonus, one of them and just migrated over to reverse commissions and you know a little bit across rakuten be you know if you want to be ethical and technical about cross recruit yes their packages are pretty much just you know plr products you know I don't know what other stuff they got here and a blogging platform so they're basically running off script right there script is reverse commissions bounses, run off what is it called web web marketing tools i think is called what marketing tools i think that's what it's called marketing tools something I got it sits a script called web marketing tools let me see actually we take a look at their coding SI es location yeah so they must have bought they must reverse commissions scam, have bought the brand off of the website now actually let me check and join out click join now second here so they probably think they did so basically it's like web marketing tools web tools marketing or something like that so it's basically a viable script that's not a custom script that anybody can buy this script and run their own reverse Commission's but the point being is that they basically took or taking pretty much all the affiliates in and all that from easy one up migrating over to reverse Commission's is it ethical reverse commissions team, I'm not a tour right you know if you're making money you make money get your money to build your own program i actually I still giving props for building a successful program and riding off all the coattails is feeling all the traffic and affiliates from easy one of them and bring them into reverse Commission's but you know there's reverse commissions compensation plan, nothing game changing about what they're offering they just basically bought a script from this web marketing tools company or something like that and you know basically you know took off the brand of that that script and now all these tools in their toolbox are offered inside reverse Commission's anybody can do that i don't know what type of basic finished products they actually have in here because I haven't decided to pay for any of them but i would imagine just quite a bit of ppl our products involved so should you get involved in Reverse Commission's want my completely honest opinion no I don't think you should get involved with it and a reason why is because this company right here is that is the reverse commissions proof, game-changing original company will you succeed with this company arm it really depends i mean you could join pretty much any program you want and make money but you know how to park it right so that's what it really comes down it you know how to market your product you know how to market this system do you know how to do any of that majority of people 99% you don't know how to do this will reverse Commission's change your life probably not there's a the comp plan is based on easy one up with an added twist their second and the fourth sale roll up to your sponsor so you have the role of two sales now one of the problems that I've I found in an easy one up because I'm you know I made a lot of money and reverse commissions adrianna, easy one but I'm still making money these one up is that you know people have problems getting the first even their second sell so adding another barrier where they have to roll up a four-cell it's not going to make it any easier okay the tools involved there's a lot of tools that they there they bought with their script are you going to use those tools no you're not going to use those of I know it you know it you know you're reverse commissions lewis syring, gonna get involved you to get height it's basically the hype that you're running off our people getting a lot of cells you can get you to understand the thing about marketing it doesn't matter what product you promote if you take action if you apply yourself and you work with the right people people like myself who are knowledgeable about marketing legal point you in the right direction you will succeed but if you don't do nothing reverse commissions rotator, if you join reverse Commission's hoping that some rotators going to change your life you're going to be sadly disappointed it doesn't matter what type of software they have it's just you know then the day it comes down to you take it's a bloody action so you know I mean my hats off to Dale around for launching this program you guys did a good job review, reviews, bonus, bonuses, you basically took all the easy one of people and migrated over to reverse Commission's I don't you know I don't blame me though I mean you know marketing marketing right but in my opinion is you know I i just i don't see why you'd want to join reverse Commission's when you can just come come to the original source here right they have they have exact same complan they have the exact same levels 2500 250 rotators, compensation plan, proof and 500 and I can always guarantee they're going to be adding a thousand-dollar level as well yes all hundred percent it is you really want to come you want to you know you want to get some real coaching mentoring honest transparent person is going to be there answer your questions you want to hit me up on Facebook you can inbox me on facebook just just hit me up send me a message on facebook we got my phone number should be in the description adrianna, lewis syring, testimonials there you can send the attacks call me you can add me add me on facebook if you want to do you want to follow me a little bit ghetto or click on a link in the description and you can just you know if you want to come work with me personally i can recommend to really great programs easy one up and this other program that's doing really well for me and I can point you in the right direction more importantly help you succeed please.