Why Didn’t I Watch Gravity Falls Earlier?!-Wayne Reviews


Well, the first thing about this Theme song really super nice I like, I want to always, always listen Gravity Falls is about a pair of twin brother and sister to spend the summer with their uncle At the same time meets the mysterious town and found a bunch of incredible secret When this aired on TV, I actually really have seen some episodes And I actually like some of the episodes But I never read And since seen so many rainbows and ponies after SU I thought "Hey, you remember that portion down on TV and really like it?" So I started watching this cartoon again from scratch And to see the whole real look And I would say this is one I regret not you watch a cartoon Because when I finally saw in the second quarter when I get a message that it is about to end And I was very sad I'm a little sad I did not catch earlier this cartoon I can not like everyone else on this same feeling of Friends But in spite of the long wait for the final episode of sufficient Enjoy the whole cartoon Even if the last episode has been declared out I was still able to experience this Maybe I felt like everyone else But may not have But at least I'm glad I got to see this cartoon, is also very happy to find this When I look, I see him as my overall favorite cartoon I immediately liked all the characters inside I like the inside of villain I like the protagonist of the twins, I like their uncle I like all the roles Even the supporting cast is very interesting Even when the villain is so Its storyline is really great the way it looks The story is very interesting And really a lot of really fun secret This is also part of the joke is really funny There are so many funny part And I really like Perhaps that is why even if I am late, it is still worth seeing These roles are very interesting to me simply tell them to produce link When the last episode to come, I can feel the same Sentimental I told them to leave and can feel sad and happy I might feel really feel like everyone else's Because I really love these roles I really love this cartoon I love the inside secrets I love that story And I really.

When the whole to an end, there really is a lot of emotion So even though I may be a little late I'm glad I went to see I'm glad I go back to re-read After seeing on TV Gravity Falls is probably the first I like to be marked as favorite cartoon Although I see a little too late Gravity Falls is still my first favorite cartoon And I would like them to unlock their secrets as it is a good comment Thanks for watching, if you like this video, please remember to press a Like And leave a comment below to let me know what you think of the film If you want to see more of this type of movie or my movie translation To subscribe to remember, and I will meet with you and next video Goodbye!.