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YouTube and social media peep this out guys It's Ian K back again with another one for you headed over to little caesars today guys to pick up the latest side of our items they've got going on the menu guys the loaded crazy bread bites hoping that little caesars truly bomb sexy speaking of this flavor i gotta say I'm pretty impressed with his loaded crazy bread bites already in the presentation Department guys are really really nice the way it looks in this little container right now and as you guys saw put some of those jalapenos on their look at the cheese on this action right now that is ridiculously sexy guys ridiculously sexy and it's actually coated with that applewood-smoked bacon as well this is already a ridiculous situation crazy em over here at carls jr going to take a look at their entry into the ever-popular value combo wars that is raging across the fast food industry at the moment as most everyone is currently aware right now a lot of these companies are trying to boost profits and get customers into the store by offering a lot of their value menu items for one single price very very nice in terms of the patties over here at carl's jr.

and hardee's their grilled up nicely split the soap and we've got that cheese on the inside nice and gooey gotta love it very delicious now if you ask me this absolutely smokes the mcdouble with a quickness guys it's thicker it's cheesy to get that onion on the bottom there absolutely awesome aim Hey Matt, the whoppers rolling up at BK? Peep it out! Let's Peep THIS Out! OK guys inside this nondescript flour tortilla is all the whopper goodness that you know and love from BK let's put this down the middle and get a nice shot of that cross-section alright and as expected a lot of that flame-grilled whopper meet goodness on the bottom it's actually a very light type of like a nacho cheese that with yeah i'm getting to their it's just the nacho-cheese that they use already in the house mmm essentially like this is the only thing that's new about this yeah so it's the same thing that Michael taco bell does yeah a lot which is where they'll take the ingredients that they already had and they just kind of reformulate it into something else like really this is just all the same stuff they already had but they're just using a tortilla and creating a burrito and that name is amazing the flagship whopper is still pretty awesome but I like the idea of having something a little different with a little kick of spice to it's actually not bad at all that's right guys little caesars stuffed crust deep dish pizzas getting a little pepperoni love this time around for what they're calling the pepperoni stuffed crust deep-dish pizza here is a nice shot of it right there lots of gooey cheese on the inside of a nice roll pepperoni all throughout the back of this actually guys get a little bit of Polish right over there at the end take a look at that little bit of pepperoni action coming out man i'm just gonna keep going check this out wow oh man Oh game over game over right now mm you ready for the grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza well I hope so because if your pizza or grilled cheese aficionado you're about to get your taste but satisfied on both ends it looks amazing guys this is the brand new grill cheese stuffed crust pizza over here at pizza hut let's be about this flavor guys a star of the show is the very back of it there that garlic butter crumble topping that you're seeing there on top of the cheese that you see the very top that they actually caramelize a little bit of the cheese slices on top looking pretty fantastic let's just go with it real fast a quick bite before we do the pull apart we put a piece of this crusted over here for you guys just to kind of show you this is some serious cheese on the back of this and as you guys can see that garlic butter crumble that's on the very top there that is just delicious a very solid amount of cheesy goodness on the inside of this guy's it really is very reminiscent of a grilled cheese sandwich there and the garlic butter for me actually makes it the caramelized cheese on the top even more so this is pretty fantastic what up Jo so we're going to be taking a look at the two versions of the grill dogs that are dropping nationwide and favorite 23rd the classic and the chili-cheese we're going to see exactly how bomb sexy these are an overall flavor but first you know we gotta do we gotta get right up on it as we always do let's peep this out take a look at the two selections officially available and what i like to call these really cool little hotdog totes i'm really digging that classic look 100-percent beef hotdog featured on each of these guys who got the classic version and the chili-cheese version sweet relish and mustard ketchup really digging that the crunch of the onion that is really good guys it's got that snap of the hot dog when you bite into it which is classic backyard barbecue flavor that is just awesome chester Cheetah is bringing some of that cheetos love to be case popular chicken fries yep the cheetos chicken fries are the very next version of the chicken fries and seems like a natural progression of things considering the coding that was on the mac and cheese to begin with and kind of lends itself kind of perfect to go with the chicken fry he asked me they look like your standard chicken-fry very reminiscent of the mac and cheetos for a few months ago very crispy on the coding here on the shell and I definitely smell like chicken fries aside from the darker appearance here but i can tell you there is a light aroma of cheetos in the air right now and as you can see it looks like we've got a little bit of the dusting on the outside of it here no I haven't even mentioned how cool the marketing is this time around the bks got going to help promote these cheetos chicken fries look at how cool this boxes guys the melting of the cheetos brand and a chicken fries brand along with bk's crown logo that they've got over here very cool in terms of the look i'm really digging that they're obviously the hashtag chicken fries and you gotta love chest and cheetahs tail in the very back over there they really know what they're doing when it comes to the marketing with this so for our first collab we wanted to give you all look at something that we get a lot of requests for and that's most definitely in and out burger and the legendary double-double but if you're thinking this is gonna be something off of their not-so-famous secret menu you would only be partially correct no guys join are looking to become x-men AKA part of a group whose experience in announced x-men you a lesser known but equally awesome design your own burger options that you're gonna want to try trust me so the x-men you guys with memory abilities needed to enlist whoops my bad this essentially is twice the meat of the standard double double so you're getting four patties and you're also getting twice the cheese in here four slices of American cheese I've got the grilled onions in there this is definitely animal style as well we've got the extra spread we've got the pickles you've got that nice soft bun guys looking pretty insane just look at the size of this just in my hand the double double double over here in and out let's do it hmm oh oh my god guys cheese paper on point I got in and out spread running down my hands right now oh my god the flavor is insane on this guy's look at that mountain of meaty cheesy goodness all up in your face with a crazy blast of meat and cheese deliciousness and if i can just call my boy Joey because I feel my right side going into convulsions right now Oh Oh Joey that was for you baby I tried but this is really really amazing guys I'm going in for another bite let's do it jumpin over to BK real quick guys a very last minute review because i wanted to take a look at something that apparently just dropped today and I've actually got it right over here the angriest swapper looking very cool very reminiscent of the black one whopper just with a very very bright red color that's left is open and see what we've got here a lot of chopped lettuce guys a lot of chopped lettuce all over the place here underneath it we have some jalapenos definitely you can see underneath there we have the onion looking very nicely there it's supposedly has like an angry sauce that flame grill patty is in effect underneath that over there we've got some bacon in there as well and at the very bottom again that bun with that hot sauce crispy onions very red on the inside of that button there guys take a look at that is looking very very red very angry little bit of heat little bit of spice not too crazy though so far mac and cheetos brand-new coming out from BK in the very near future definitely loving the marketing on this dangerously cheesy the fusion of some amazing comfort food and i absolutely love macaroni and cheese and who doesn't love cheetos when you put those together we're gonna get a combination of hybrid fusion product of two of the most tastiest things out there at least in my opinion crispy golden it's looking pretty nice just like that classic cheetos probably no one love except it's got all that mac and cheese goodness on the inside and let me just say the smell in my car right now is very reminiscent of cheetos it really smells very cheesy let's see what we've got going here mac and cheese we got the cheesy goodness on the inside there i am really digging that mmm slightly crisp and i'm getting a very heavy cheddar hit which is really nice as you can see by the coating on the outside dusted with that cheetos goodness in there it almost is very reminiscent of a mozzarella stick which is pretty nice to its really holding together nicely but I can't get over how rich and thick the cheese's on this it's pretty good round all that out with a nice time you pop with chatter you've got something pretty satisfying in the brand new mac and cheese over here at BK guys not only is it dangerously cheesy it is a lot of fun to dip especially into ranch a lot of fun to bite into because it's a very Hardy crunchy bite and overall you've got some pretty fun comfort food wrapped up nice and portable with a cool little tote to go so on the bomb sexy for your face scale of one to ten guys.

Yeahhhhhhh, Boy!.