Tomb Raider (2013) Review – CPG Reviews


I am the Chris who Plays Games, and today,we're gonna talk a little bit about my experience with Tomb Raider, the 2013 game from CrystalDynamics.

One of the things that was incredible to mewhen I started playing Tomb Raider was just how pretty it was.

I haven't played any modern games with kindof modern graphics engines and all the things that go with them, so when I see these gamesthat are hyper realistic, it's a very different experience to me from what I've played before.

As someone who was raised seeing archeologicalsites and historical sites, the telling story of the archeology, artifacts, and other thingslike that told with the graphics was really awesome.

But another part that was really interestingto me was the overall effect of the mechanics.

Lara Croft plays someone who clearly has alot of freerunning experience; although it sometimes required a suspension of disbelief,the experience was someone who was plausible but awesome.

Whether she was making unreasonable or implausiblejumps, or just standing in a room preparing for enemies that were about to attak her,the entire overall experience was just incredible.

The graphics really tell the story.

Another thing that played into the story,of course, was the ambience, the music, and other pieces of the art like that, so notjust the textures, the graphics, whatever, but the entire experience, built up by allof the parts of the game.

And as with every game, you've got a wholelarger than life aspect that goes into being able to pull out your pickaxe thing and doa rope line slide down into a pool.

Something that, of course, I could never do.

All throughout the game the story was engaging,Lara's engagement with it was awesome, and the whole kind of plot line of this vengefulgoddess was a really awesome part of the experience as well.

And although I don't show them off here: thefighting mechanics were really good! I felt like it was arcade-ish enough to allowit to be enjoyable, it never felt like it was too grindy; you always felt like therewas a challenge, but not a challenge that would get in teh way of you making progress,which was great.

And as I found out during my most recent playthroughof Portal 2, I really enjoy WWII era ruins as a game environment: for example, the radioroom, and the leftovers of the WWII war remains, was really something that appealed to me:and I've seen this in a couple games, and the whole atmosphere that it created reallyfits into my personal interest and narrative and enjoyment.

I really loved this new Tomb Raider, and Ihighly recommend it.