The importance of great guest experiences – Introducing the 2016 Guest Review Awards


It’s found in grand gestures.

And tiny details.

From the very first breakfast to the final sentence in a guest’s reviewwe work together in providing guests with amazing experiences.

Inspiring them to find the most exceptional destinationsAnd guiding all guests from a smooth booking process to an amazing stay Year by year Week by week Day by day The Meiai name came from the expression in English ‘may I help you.

’ I want them to remember that, that we are in a good place and we are helpful for them We try to be as much involved with our guests as they want They feel more safe, I think, they know somebody is around, they know you are available for them, we are never far away.

I usually read all the reviews.

I think that is the most important to improve our service.

I think its the only tool we have to get this feedback.

We noticed that by having a figure higher than eight, thats where people really started to distinguish other hotels Our job on a day to day basis, is being successfully done is when the guest checks out from the hotel and their expectations have been exceeded.

All year long guests share their experiences by leaving reviews.

And at the end of each year it’s time to look back at all those reviews and the great work they represent.

Honoring properties that provide the most exceptional experiences.

Properties that go the extra mile to make a difference Booking after Booking Stay after stay Review after review Because great experiences can happen anywhere.