Superior Laser Tattoo Removal Manhattan | Tattoo Removal NYC Reviews | Dr. Morris Westfried


I got the tattoo when I was very young, and now that I’m older, I just kind of grew out of it So I started to look online

What kept coming up was this PicoSure I’ve been doing tattoo removal for 15 years Traditional lasers can take two years to get a tattoo out So therefore, the Picosecond, if it does it in four sessions, you can get a tattoo out in as little as seven or eight months We also can treat tattoos that were resistant to the older tattoo technology

I saw results after my first treatment After every treatment, you start to see better and better results This is an advance over any other technology available now, and it’s far superior in terms of what the benefits to the patient, in a safe, effective, and very comfortable environment Dr Westfried is very knowledgeable

He communicated the process very well I knew what to expect Honestly, I thought I was going to be stuck with it forever, and I’m just so happy that the PicoSure is helping me I’m blown away with the results