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YouTube and social media peep this out guys It's Ian K back again with another one for you here at sonic America's driving to take a look at a couple of selections off of their all new little grillers menu and i gotta say if you guys love grilled cheese as much as I do you're probably gonna want to check this out that's right guys sonic is covering their bases with five different flavors of these little girls available right now and of course starting off with the grilled cheese that we would all expect you've also got some breakfast options that include a bacon egg and cheese and a sausage egg and cheese variant and the two that we're going to be looking at today actually the little chickie and a little patty grillers so let's see what these two have to offer by getting up close on before taking that first bite let's keep this out it's onyx little spin on grilled cheese with the release of their all new limited time only little grillers menu and here's a couple of selections off of it for you guys the little chickie and a little patty both looking to deliver some tasty flavor starting off with a little chicky we've got some toasted sourdough bread housing a nice crispy piece of all white meat chicken right here in the middle topped off with some buffalo sauce and plenty of american cheese top and bottom melted up very nicely the little patio grill gets that same toasted sourdough bread action but in this case you're getting a 100-percent all-beef patty topped off with ketchup and more of that cheese top and bottom so they go guys two selections off of the all-new little grillers menu here at sonic let's be about this flavor I'm definitely taking a presentation with his little many hotdogs trays born delicious we are going to soon find out here we're going to start off with a little chicky first I do have to say I'm getting a little bit about the get vibe your guys these are very very thin but thick as you can see here let's just give this to go the little chicky griller over here at sonic definitely thick and just a little over fried on the meat on this one I do have to say I'm not really getting a grilled cheese vibe I'm getting a lot of fried chicken tastes but it's overly fri that's the only thing but i do have to say the buffalo sauce on this is adding a nice kick I'm really not tasting too much cheese go let's try again the buffalo sauce is overtaking this whole thing and again the chicken is super crispy on this one almost to a fault as you can see they don't skimp on the amount of chicken that you get in this little griller because the width is definitely small but the link that's pretty decent on it the only problem with this version of it is the buffalo sauce is completely killing any grilled cheese flavor that you would expect from this aside from the chicken itself is being really really overcooked there it's definitely a hearty buy it but I gotta say that cheese is really just for show on this one guys it really is because it is really not coming through it all it's really just a buffalo chicken tender on the inside of some pretty thick sourdough bread yeah this is the buffalo chicken party pretty much it guys are getting a nice thick piece of bread to go around a very very drenched piece of crispy golden chicken here topped off with that buffalo sauce but again grill cheese this is definitely not bomb sex if your face scale of 1 to 10 I'm gonna go 6 out of 10 on this one perhaps of the buffalo sauce was dialed back just a little bit maybe a little bit more cheese to make this one pop a little bit more and be a little bit better but as it stands if you like buffalo sauce you're probably gonna like this just don't expect the taste the cheese too much in this one alright i'm really hoping this was gonna be a little better i'm already getting a very nice beefy Roman my car right now let's give this one a shot the little patty griller mmm yeah this is the one you know I gotta say I'm not really a fan of ketchup on my grilled cheese sandwiches there i'd never have it that way but because of the meeting here it actually works because of that combo together very very juicy meat on this one and i do have to say that she's is coming through a lot more only because ketchup is not nearly as strong as buffalo sauce obviously but this is pretty tasty mmm the beef has a nice juicy quality to it although it's not overly thick like a little chicky very and this one actually has a little bit more of an authentic grilled cheese flavor with some nice beefiness to go with it that's in addition to the catch it being on here which surprisingly doesn't overtake it too much so for my money this one definitely works because it really does taste like a sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches just with a nice juicy beef patty in the middle yep this one is definitely worth it so on that bomb sexy if your face scale of one to ten the little patty grillers gonna get an easy eight out of 10 it's pretty much a slider rest little cheeseburger with a little bit more cheese on it to give you more of that grilled cheese flavor with a little bit of catching that doesn't take too much away from the cheesy pop that you get from this one add some onions to the mix and it's the straight-up mini patty melt but of course that's just my opinion as always if any of you guys have already been a sonic and you've tried any of these little grillers what did you guys personally think what they worth the money and if you tried any of the breakfast variations how awesome where those drop a comment down below definitely let me know and that's it for now gang this is the Ian K closing out another episode of peep this out here at sonic America's drive in taking a look at a couple of flavors off with their all new little grillers menu sonics little spin on grilled cheese guys if you haven't already please like share comment and subscribe little bell down below next to my channel names you can be notified when new reviews drop 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Com keep in touch with made all the addresses that you see right above me this after all this dispute this out baby you know how we do we'll definitely talk to you next time Stay Frosty! yeah I'm definitely adding grilled onions on this little patty grilled the next time out i think that would be totally worth it alright guys until the next review i'll talk to you soon.