Sangeetha Punnia-Moorthy reviews Strictly Ballroom Film Club reviews


*inspirational music* Genevieve: Awesome, well we're here at the AFTRS studio with Sangeetha a Bus Stop Films student, who's chosen to do a review of one of my personal favourite films of all time Strictly Balroom Sangeetha, can you tell us a little bit about the film, Strictly Ballroom Sangeetha: Thanks Gen! I liked this film, very much especially the costumes Genevieve: Aw, the costumes are fabulous aren't they.

I love the costumes too.

So what was it about the costumes that made the film so special? Sangeetha: They were very glamorous and created a sense of drama and comedy.

Genevieve: Great, I love that! The costuming certainly did create drama and a little comedy as well absolutely how did this happen? Sangeetha: Sometimes the costumes were over the top to represent the ballroom dancing culture.

Genevieve: They were over the top weren't they, lots of heavy make up, lots of big bright 1980's, 90's costumes Sangeetha: Yes It definitely was over the top sometimes and what kinds of tones and colours were used in the film to represent love? Sangeetha: There was a lot of red in the mise-en-scene.

Genevieve: Wonderful, and what did the red symbolise? Sangeetha: Love, fire of the passion.

Genevieve: Absolutely! So there was red in the costumes, red in the make up and that symbolised love, Sangeetha: Yes Genevieve: and the fire, Sangeetha: Fire of passion! Genevieve: Passion for so much, because the dancing was all about coming out and being passionate and you know, dancing to the beat of your own drum, you know so passion was definitely a part of this film very good Sangeetha, I agree.

Sangeetha: That gave a feeling of love.

Genevieve: Absolutely, well there is a love story in there, isn't there.

Sangeetha: Yes, Scott and Fran Genevieve: well they do get together in the end, it's very rewarding when they do! so how many stars would you give this out of five? Sangeetha: I give this film 5 out of 5 Genevieve: I do too, it's one of my favourites 5 out of 5! that is an awesome rating Sangeetha: yes! And thank you so much for your brilliant review! I've loved listening to your thoughts on this film Until next time! *Claps – whoo!* *rhythmic music* *cheering clapping*.