Reviews | Ulcerate – Shrines of Paralysis (English Subs)


ULCERATE- SHRINES OF PARALYSIS English subs by Orbuser's Official review team: ''Planescaper'' Hello guys and girls welcome to the channel welcome to the Magic Portal I'm Orbuser and its the Reviews broadcast and for today we have Ulcerate – Shrines of Paralysis this is violence this is suffering their art transcends death mixing cosmic deities from beyond, reaching every corner deep in hell, both lyrics and music compels you as you listen from the gates of hell, what lies beyond.

New Zealand's Ulcerate return with their fifth album three years after the crushing ''Vermis'' that was the band's most extreme work to date.

The trio manages once again to shock the listener from the very beginning, producing a rather suffocating atmosphere with the vast sound of this recording.

The drums follow the complex riffs or lead the tracks on their own at many cases, while the vocals are deep and convincing, acting as an extra instrument to the whole massacre.

It is unbelievable how they succeed each time in creating something so unique and punishing, it is like you have glorious days of old Immolation meeting Gorguts on the point of their sound's change, and all these are masterfully crafted, in order to produce the possible album of the year 2016.

At times, you may also think it's the band's best album, even better than 2011's ''The Destroyers Of All''.

Tracks like ''Yield To Naught'' and the title track will drive you to listen to this album again and again, and you have many great reasons to dig this album.

Excellent production, the clearer the band has ever had so far, and with albums like this one, the whole death metal sound can claim a large victory for the years to come.

Definitely one of the best bands that emerged the last decade in the whole metal sound.

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