oh didnt be added who welcome back to another video and dry could I have my god you guys have gone nuts over this video where I have this guy and look it's still in great condition and you can tell up and using it because one of the bottom all jacked that well dice I'm not a terrible a lot of you guys have gone on and on and on about how did not wash it really you removed to the channel i'm a gamble by wash everything over and over number one number two no i did not feeling it but me and it's not like it's not stick right also I've had it for almost five months now and it's still in perfect condition I do take very very good care of it I understand gentle with it i don't use any metal people on it because I wanted to last me of course about a night or for go spreading things out here of course it's not going to work correctly after a couple of uses but five months later is still in perfect condition that's the update on the guy now another comment that really caught my interest what that this pan was this paint so this came out the green one came out a couple years developing and they rebranded it and are calling it a red copper p.


i think of the 12-inch this is an 8-inch yeah I don't think they're the same but they might be I mean they they're coming from different companies the only thing that I think that are the same or the handles right here they're identical hormone receive handle here it tastes identical to this handle it cause i would say that the same company and this is old head telebrands mages you think you think let's take a poll if you think this green pan is the exactly one thing just rebranded it to the Grand copper pants I want to do this video effects up that's your vote for yes you think know this is a completely different products i want to keep this thing going to come down which means no you do not religious but you know the same product has been branded we're going to see how many people believe that this same product now let's get started with the review this guy no I'm not gonna use it no crying in my comments don't leave me 50,000 comments about you wash it did you feel in it yeah i'm not going to see the gilded options in this guy that would not be a good green vs copper that wouldn't be fair i'm not going to see this one I am going to make a separate video watch out for this little update and also he's going to want me to scratch it so i will be making a video to destroy this guy i hope you subscribe you don't want to miss that video is your reviews now it doesn't have a specific kind of covering thing and it has the same exact maybe it's the same time with you have to get but maybe it's this one also says no oil no butter no nothing when cooking here debating oil grease and fat to your family's diet Titans haitian I have a patient that was fast I have my little hot plate here people even cried about the hot way you're the instruction but he's read on the other way no I'm not gonna season it ok looks nice for and thank you let me go wash it i should i should like make three your 35 minute video you did to watch every single step I take I try to cut it for you guys to make it small to the point give you one thought you wash it washed I cannot drive going to head off nobody cries now the infomercial for dead guy set chocolate sauce i want chocolate sauce but i have caramel sauce tomato sauce and then egg and i'm going to fuck bags because i do a side-by-side comparison of these two guys with the same leg if you have not watched video watch it after this one it's pretty good is your nonstick pan that's sticking nightmare okay ready he was a look at that people in the comments you're telling me it's cause it's gonna work out to the first one what the hell you want me to do what do you want for me cry don't cry any number i did this in medical smoking are you smoking haha book oh it did he add it who got that good video and i'm so excited in the commercial the girls even like blows like he's never sick so you never grow up Oh Shh ok I'm going to turn it over because i want to burn ya guys what all the way of thinking and sticking don't worry about egg sticking to the pan and ruining breakfast your sunny-side-up will slide right apple-picking is that myself now guys look I don't know learning and sticking I don't know the other one doing that with or dated kitchen where well it's stuck with restorable nonstick coating dick fosho left them out like I gave you my video no I might be other more patterns like this one is not great but the caramel sauce slow lots of smoke that's burns really fast look at my house ok I don't know it's sticking eating chocolate sauce can be a city nightmare with the orgreenic nonstick ceramic is so superior even its bottling chopper thought flies around the pan with no problem yeah satchel obtained no I think it's taking let's clean this that you can see there the caramel sauce is not just coming right off can't like the blood off really bring some of it out but let me go back to the sink look how with just water birth budge greens up in a breeze it's clean now but i had to scrub you guys that was a fail now the tomatoes are ready i'm not sure try and go see what happens here what do you think I'm not impressed with this one asshole what's this tomato sauce like right across the superior non-fixed ceramic coating in the middle right here like Bernie already do with this off so I can check again you can see where it's already stained the pan you can see the tomatoes cause oh my god it's already stained the pan sale after sale after one less think the cheese can remember that she accepted in the last one lucky doing fine ready fine ok that work will you I MTG now the scratch test ready oh what a total waste of everything ready okay i mean i see a little bit of scratching but not if your family's cracking hard and I mean I can see a little bit but it is not bad at all I'm not impressed with this thing actually I'm disappointed I was expecting it to work just as well as this one day and it is not i think the only thing I was impressed with was scratching and scratching it hard and they're really has no scratches on there that's probably the only thing that everything about this guy it would fail total fail paper sticking to it it's just it's already stained from the tomato sauce I understand why they're probably not making this guy anymore and as such horrible reviews so I'm going to get this guy one maybe some head one last thing i want to point out this one has like an extra little glass coating on it and discipline is not uniform or matte finish maybe that's life this guy's not working too good this guy's green vs coppers I'm taking the copper any day of the week alright guys that is it for another Vivian tries video thank you so much for coming back week after week I so appreciate you thank you and welcome to all of my subscribers may have had thousands of new subscribers for the past couple of weeks and i'm so excited to have you here leave me a comment down below let me know you ooh let me on your name now if you're new every week I asked you guys to give me ideas and suggestions of cool kitchen gadgets you want me to try so leave that in the comments if you have not subscribed go ahead and deselect you're the first to know when I put out a new video alright I will see you guys in the next one bye.