Ralph Reviews: Mario Bros One Bro


hey man.

This is ralph and today man, I'm gonna be checking out the cult classic videogame that started it all man super mario brothers one man like the first game to ever exist man like the only way to play it man? is on the original nes mini bro you ready to go oldschool man? so when you startup up the game you see the startups screen man you know youR in for a bumpy ride man A total classic I mean just look at these outdated graphics man like pft nothing compares to the app store games right? like for 1975 man i guess its pretty good the blockiness is real! so when you start the game man, marios goal is to make it to the end of the map man but the drawback of this game is man theres no dlc no micro transactions or vine making man which is a bit outdated if yoU ask me man like pft I mean can I go back and play the xbox one already man? I mean I just really want to start a new campaign on ryse man, son of rome just kidding man.

Im not.

marios enemies consist of mushies and doitles while these enemies are cool they kind like the ugh of ugh angry birds man the only complaint I have man is that the controller is just too unComfortable to hold man its like, wherRes the streamlined designs bro? like.

lets cast a spell on this piece of outdated hardware thats better man the one that stops this game from being as good as leps adventure on the 7s man is the fact that its impossible to beat this part im up too with the flagg pole man its cant be done man it cant be done this part i reckon, its good I got the xbox one man I mean nah man I mean like this games still pretty rad but bro I fucking hate it.

Too outdated I give this app game an official rating of 1/100 man like the for the fist game ever its pretty good man like ugh not being able to reach the flagpole man like really disapoints me but you know what I'm in 20-16 now man 20-16 and I'm glad to get away from this shit I recommend trying out mario jump on the 7s man ugh ugh I recommend its gonna blow old blocky mario out of the water man anyway man, this new ones gonna have vine making ANDGETREADYMAN.

micro transactions man what more could a ralph want? so yeah man so ugh dont forget to throw me a like, subscribe to my instagtam man and ugh have a fuckin great night ay.