Ozzy Man Reviews: Greatest Drunk Fight Ever


Welcome to fight day.

Here we have a young fella struggling with his pants.

He really wants to smash old mate But he trips himself up! He manages to get to his feet.

And now he mounts a big attack.

A series of lightning fast kicks.

Unfortunately, he is struggling with the concept of distance.

Old mate is like "can ya fuck off home!?" "Stop talking, ya breath bloody stinks.

" "Fuck, you need a girlfriend.

" Now the young fella manages to connect! And it is GAME ON! He tries another kick but ends up having to ninja roll back to safety.

Now he manages to sneak back in and there's a massive hammer fist! That's gonna leave a bruise.

Some open handed slappy slaps, but he goes down like a sack of shit.

A relentless sack of shit however.

Old mate grabs him by the scruff of the neck and he goes down again.

He needs to try something new so he creates an optical illusion.

which causes dizziness and confusion and it fucken worked! Let's see what these dickheads can do when it comes to wrestling and their ground game.

Old mate quickly manages to regain control.

Fuck he's a slippery bastard and he's never gonna give up that ciggie.

Now he's calling the fellas mother.

He's like "yep, ya son tried to pick a fight with me on the front lawn again.

" "The wanker needs a girlfriend, see ya.

" She says she'll try to find him a girlfriend.

Anyway, the young fella is allowed up and he's like "why the fuck did you have to call my mother?".