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Hello and welcome to test the one plus 3T speak of followers of OnePlus 3.

Already after five months he is on the market because the vendor simply too little ordered spare parts for the predecessor has thus led to delivery difficulties and that was model not available one plus has chosen the successor bring out one has then also optimized equal We now have a sapphire glass lens on the back have a slightly other color "Space Grey" in the Front still a 5.

5 inch display but now also with a 16 megapixel camera the whole then even with a snapdragon 821 and seasoned 128 gb memory from 439 euros it starts and how it has beaten the test with a slight compared to the mate 9 you see in the next few minutes so stay tuned nice that you are still tuned to test of OnePlus 3T the successor of the normal three model we see the display maximum brightness amoled 5.

5 inches optics fingerprint sensor and 16 megapixel camera located on the front at the back we see in front of all hire the new color once the has in comparison to the predecessor changed, we also see an objectively opening quite out of the housing protrudes with 16 megapixel The camera and the chip are predecessor ago known time However, protected by sapphire glass one plus logo is also available snapdragon 821 in the interior and especially also a larger battery with now 3400 mah changeable is but not depending on light relationship differs from the non-metal mate 9 as can be seen is just stop geschmackssache the mate 9 is about the same features, however, with 5.

9 inches a bigger display and especially the better camera otherwise the processing of OnePlus 3T is as good as the predecessor to the because side we see now here incoming and off switch completely unspectacular the housing shines ever for light incident in different shades between silver and light gray-red I would say on the left page we find the alarm and slider mainly due to the slide-for two sim cards underside usb type c especially the headphones opening jack 3 5 mm, and also a the speakers here, we see the alarm slider from near the I then enable virtually so I that is not disturbed by all and just as I said that loud low rocker the OnePlus 3T is in two storage variants for disposal we have 64 gb for 439 euros and 128 gb for 479 € of built memory very fast but not over expand expandable micro sd can I all here for example via the usb output over a corresponding usb otg adapter as I it did at ebay bought for three euros so I can the store will also enhance or I can go just copy a few data otherwise I need it decide to pack everything on it because as I said micro sd card will be so without Another simply not recognized the fingerprint sensor on the front works just as well as in predecessor recognizes fully reliable he up to five finger from me without problems in the new wall street a running so-called optic am led with 55 inches and we full hd-resolution see here the corning gorilla glass which but slightly in the sun reflects the read off angle are then typically do not hear the olg always one hundred percent may be stable see the color imaging really good we all times in comparison with the mate 9 of this somewhat less light then you can already see both do so by the presentation ago I would say now not much said mate 9 a slightly larger display while still full hd and uses no amoled I must even say that the display from OnePlus 3Ti on the right website has become a tick brighter not only in comparison to mate 9 but also in compared to the predecessor and the figure performance has since my eyes nothing has changed are still very nice very much alive full hd resolution-like nowadays no longer state of the art, for virtual reality and co but me here has the actually very good, we like to see Here everything works it looks super sharp I can go from movies and movies this is actually what I from so a device expected to virtual games gamble I take something like that rule not and four normal games reaches the completely the 16 megapixel camera on the back We know from the predecessor to around the exact same module act here However, protected by sapphire glass have and just like the predecessor We is also the slight problem that naturally protrudes from the display why is a schutzhülle definitely event important and probably has the manufacturer also why sapphire glass used so that it just is not as fast scratched because it just so to speak, from the housing protrudes in direct compared with the mate 9 there is no long ado I would say there is the leica camera of mate 9 significantly better both this in the dark and in daylight the one can look at very nice if you my photos on the website considers the OnePlus 3T camera but is now still at a high level 16 megapixel slight problems with brightness change look identical in detail to one must also keep in mind that the 3D model significantly cheaper than the variation of huawei we take a look at the but very tidy-looking camera interface both cameras solve now with 16 megapixel on the front and back the interface itself has actually we hardly changed see here left the main functions of the HDR mode I can activate a flash Disable then get left here this dashed symbol the possibility the main modes select as eg lapse slow motion in full hd photo mode Video mode manual mode or panorama at Manually, I then of course the selection of the iso value and much me others to set then a bit more from the sometimes but something comical indeed what I say, automatic out here to choose itself on this point at the bottom right under the trigger I get then the pick me here the grid to activate a timer or just of 4: 3 to 16: 9 full screen mode or 1: 1 switch front of the camera, I can then also even select much more I can not make, although I can in the raw images but save the format resolution myself I can here unfortunately at the stelle not vary let's take a look at just once the camera quality, the image quality itself is certainly not high end devices such as google pixel and co but nevertheless zoom is also in my eyes beautiful level but needs you because quite clearly that there should have sufficient light are disposal much in the internet have problems with the called Bröring ie with effects that occur when the motive very quickly we move to such train in which it is actually comprehensible so as triggers the camera to tick too slow because of somehow missing a bit rough which might in the software then sometimes interior is otherwise when here hinguckt with sufficient light tends also this camera very fast to brighter areas into white to transition very nice in darkness come then also one or other artefacts we should see here some pictures the I different I'd say up and I made night times find they thought of as the quality occur in order, however, there are as well as much better it was easy time now in personal taste undecided, let's take a look at the operating system is the officially version oxygen 3:54 based on yet android 6:01 but we already have now an android 7 beta however, in 2016 probably no longer on the market come 2017 then the target of the easy ago remembers there anyway not a little here for example in round one I've installed but himself ie there is such a Iconpack the I can use 2 provides the manufacturer from factory already are on here I can not readily install third fourth fifth or seventh, I can easily me Download and then just Adjust as I want the bar above the one already knows one sees here the main shortcuts can pull the whole once down and then clearly gets more face, however, as one here already can be seen on request also in the black variant thanks to the LED displays makes the course their meaningful instead of white, background then to choose the black otherwise this differ operating system of one plus very little of the original we have had certain the app store as so many phones popular with countless apps I yes also installed later a whole lot benchmark results my favorite games and more from factory but also everything it what you can actually use and need from the home google the rest can then fortunately on the play store re-install We now take just take a look on the music player or I believe it would be more an ear on it throw the music player from the home one plus differs slightly from which find the home google equalizer presets one way here is not directly in the app because you have them the attitudes Switch and then sees the so-called audio tuner works then of course only if you have a headphones a peg that is the is really only about 3.

5 millimeter jack connector via bluetooth this does not, unfortunately, sound via earphones, however ever no trouble both has bluetooth and via the pawl me the sound really liked how does that sound all over the speakers, we have here only a I want you to just before maximum volume is already activated I take my demo track the one already knows almost by heart and listen simply times out speakers left still I just think a very good song of course, I have no stereo but from the loudness enough for me personally completely from and how said via earphones there is also nothing to complain send recep- services connectivity is here the keyword the device itself supports lte in all necessary in Germany So bands dual in lte ribbon 20 sim is also available, however, can only one of the two cards simultaneously surfing phone via lte quality has pleased me very well maximum volume like maybe a be ticking too quiet whichever environment you are in, however, is the voice quality really great and the noise reduction and ambient noise suppression works great really me class like the senne receiving power on a yes I would even say high level I see no difference to google pixel Therefore, at the point in all order the battery power is a thing since there have been after side current firmware 3:54 lightweight problems the battery itself empties relatively quickly so if you after Percentage value does that, however, has Surprisingly, no effect on the maximum term for the remains same as if the thing below 50 percent comes always takes longer to empty it So therefore as you always still quite loose a workday in the other thing up there in the groin displays is obviously still a software problem-has now with the current Android 7 but not changed to positive or negative the performance of the snapdragon 821 unquestionably together on an extremely high level with 6 GB of RAM I come the current is doing benchmark over 160,000 points a whole lot and also in the Geekbench 1800-1900 in single core and about 4200 hit me dead in multicore and thus run all current games be it now of gameloft and co absolutely smooth the ie with the hire can be super zocken the cpu itself is not particularly hot naturally suffers the battery performance including much that is when the things tidy calls then one hour after a few again the socket must but that's at others just smartphones also the case we come to the one upshot plastiki he is worthy successor to the so said OnePlus 3 we have However, here no 1: 1 comparison we have minimal changes in the ie we have the camera on the front with 16 megapixel we have now behind a sapphire glass, we have significantly faster cpu makes all to a better smartphone and there is also no two opinions 64 gigabyte and 128 gb of built Save as everybody has to think up whether the extra I think of I want to take about 40 euro would Personally I always do have here a 128er before me I can ding easy to shoot with the music now play and need not worry me worry about memory that can be then the way only via usb otg expand we have great on the page have fast cpu we have a class display become significantly brighter than the predecessor we have a beautiful processing a total of simple class complete package that has a plus in any have case done right course easily the buyer of the 3 model angry because of delivery problems blablabla which today is unfortunately almost always the case after a short time comes a new model here was the time naturally smell test super short already on my website mobile – reviews de there you will also find the camera images in full resolution in the comments writes just purely what you from the gets hold otherwise I say like always do it well and to the daily.