Nylabone DuraChew Double Action Bone Chew Toy


Nylabone DuraChew Double Action Bone Chew Toy. Greetings everyone and welcome back to another episode of Tough Toy Tryouts If you’re new here, do us a quick favor and hit that subscribe button and if you want to know the very minute an episode drops, be sure to hit that bell icon to setup alerts

It’s been a while since we’ve tested an actual chew toy so this week we’re taking a look at one of the biggest and strongest products made by Nylabone called the DuraChew Double Action Dental Gum Massaging Excellence Mark 3 Gamma Foxtrot Chew Toy of Enlightenment Alright, so most of that was made up but it’s still a pretty long name As with all Nylabone products, it’s made from a strong nylon that’s infused with bacon flavor by some kind of science magic that has little bumps on it to help remove plaque On top of that, it has a softer rubber center that’s apparently mint flavored and allows for the insertion of treats like I attempt to do here So now that I gave you the boring specs of this toy, it’s time to let you in on the truth about this product

Going back centuries, this chew toy has nosed its way into some of the most historic portraits known to mankind Sometimes it shows up in plain sight and sometimes it will only show up when subjected to particular light waves We don’t know where this toy came from or why it chose this form But what we do know is that whoever holds this bone is blessed with the gift of painting It is now my turn to wield this ancient artifact and show the world its power

Behold! My masterpiece! Alright, enough theatrics Now that we sort of know what product we’re testing, let’s throw this thing on over to Story and see how it holds up after a week’s heavy abuse And with a spin of the screen, a week has past As you can see, there isn’t that much damage to the toy and for good reason: Story just wasn’t interested I don’t know if it was the toy itself or the fact that Story only wanted to play fetch but she just didn’t dedicate much time in destroying it

It was very rainy this week so we couldn’t get it out to the dog park either, but oh well, the ratings must go on! For safety, this bone toy receives a 3 As with all other Nylabone products, I wouldn’t leave this toy out for Story as you really need to monitor your dog’s play with nylon chew toys While it’s okay to swallow some small pieces of the material, you definitely don’t want any pieces larger than a grain of rice to be eaten Other than that, there’s no other small pieces that could be mistakenly swallowed As for design, I’ll give this toy a 4

Sure, Story wasn’t that interested in the toy but I did like the inclusion of the treat holders It gives a softer part of the toy for your dog to focus on if the nylon part is starting to hurt their teeth And though I didn’t chew on it much myself, I feel as if the flavoring wasn’t very strong with the toy Longevity is a hard one to judge since we didn’t get a whole lot of chewing done but I’ll have a little faith and give this a 4 There’s no rawhide rings needing replacing and the nylon is much tougher than that found on non-Nylabone products

The rubber center also seems to be of very sturdy construction Adding treats to this will likely extend its life as well since they will focus less on the ends That leaves us with the price which at just shy of $13 on Chewy gives this baby a 3 It’s a hefty toy and will likely last well over a month but it’s still a bit overpriced Hopefully, you can find it a bit cheaper later on

And for all of you keeping track at home or on your cellphone during a bathroom break, that gives this DuraChew a final score of 3 and a half bones It’s a pretty average toy that’s a bit overpriced but the inclusion of the treat holders gives this toy a little something extra Story says she’ll forego her seal of approval this week but it’s worth considering for large dogs And alas, we must close out this week’s episode We hope you’ve enjoyed the series thus far, and if you have, do us a favor and hit that “Like” button for us and share with all your dog-loving friends

Don’t forget to ask your questions here or on Twitter and feel free to leave suggestions for toys Story can try out in the future Until next time, have an amazing week and thanks for watching!

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