Moto M Unboxing and Hands On Review – India


Hi, this is Asrar from Gizmothon and today let's unbox and have a quick look at the latest midrange device from Moto.

The Moto M is the first all metal phone from Moto.

I think, that's where the "M" branding comes from.

I purchased the 32gb 3g model because I thought that makes more sense than the 64Gb/4Gb model.

We shall find out if the 3g version is worth the buy.

We have the Gold Moto M on the front with the Moto and Lenovo branding.

You have nothing on the right and the top.

On the left we have some info on the nano coating technology and rapid charging.

On the back we have the information of the specs.

On the bottom we have the pricing and other information.

The SAR value is 0.

909 W/kg and 1.

340 W/kg which is under the regulatory norms but it's still on the higher side.

Like I mentioned earlier I bought the 32gb model with 3gb of ram it cost me 15,999 You can also get the 64gb storage option with 4gb of ram for 17999 in India We currently only have the gold variant available, but the silver and gray color option should be launching in the near future.

On the top we have the USB Type-C cable its white in color and the quality seems solid next we have the earphones in the box not a lot of companies do that because they want to cut costs.

The earphones have an inline microphone and a button to receive and end calls.

These are pretty basic, no in-ear style.

Kinda reminds me of the older Apple earphones I will be testing these out and will let you know in the full review how the quality of the earphones is.

I hope they are at least decent because there are marketing dolby atmos audio a lot and the experience would be horrible if its not of good quality.

the charger is 5.

2v 2A, Moto has included the rapid charging feature.

I will check how much time it takes for full charge and fifty percent charge and will mention it in the full review.

We have the sim ejector tool.

Next in the box we have some documentation, actually a lot of documentation.

The phone, earphones and the charger have a one-year warranty Cables fall under 90 days bracket.

I'm not sure if that makes it a 90-day warranty for the charging cable.

I will try and find out and put in the description box we have a bunch of other documentation talking about safety, regulatory and legal information.

We also have a start-up guide, so if you're a first-time android user you can go over it and can you can get started.

The we have a thin transparent case, it's very flimsy, it's not going to be an all round protection for your phone but it will help protect your phone and camera from straches.

The case is also less slippery, so it's good to have it on to protect your phone.

At the end we have a screen protector this is not a tempered glass protector.

the Gold is definitely very subtle makes it look very nice instead of looking very gaudy.

The phone fits very well in the hand and might be a little towards the heavier side at 163 grams.

It's just 7.

85 mm in thickness though and the curves on the side make it look even thinner than it is This the first all metal phone from Moto and it indeed looks brilliant.

The phone is not a fingerprint magnet and isn't very slippery as well on the front we have a 5.

5 inch full HD display this is an IPS panel and not an AMOLED panel which is being sold in China.

The fingerprint scanner is not the front anymore and it's gone for good I disliked how the square fingerprint on the previous Moto phones looked like.

So, this is a welcome change.

We have the speaker grill on top which has a nice chrome insert on it and looks really nice.

You have the notification LED on the left and a bunch of sensors.

The front facing camera is an 8 megapixel shooter with 1.

12 micron sized sensor, that should create a better low-light selfies we should test this out during the full review.

The bezel around the display is less and add to the the aesthetics of the device.

Then, on the right you have the volume rocker and the power button.

On the top we have a 3.

5 mm headphone jack and the secondary microphone.

On the left you have a sim card tray which is a hybrid sim slot, so you can either put 2 SIM cards or one SIM and one micro SD card.

On the bottom we have the USB Type-C USB port, microphone grill and the speaker grill.

There are these nice chamfered edges running throughout the device on the front in the back.

On the back we have the fingerprint scanner resting right where it's supposed to.

People with small hands wouldn't have a problem reaching that either.

About the fingerprint scanner we have a 16-megapixel camera and dual tone LED flash.

And, yes there is a camera bump but the cover that is in the box covers it up.

Let me talk about the internal specifications of the phone it has a MediaTek Helio P15 chipset which is a true octa core cortex a15 cores which is clocked at 2.

2 GHZ.

The GPU is Mali- T860MO2 chipset.

It is ten percent faster than the Helio P10 which is very popula0r.

SD card support up to 128gb.

The device has a corning gorilla glass but more to has not disclosed which variant of the Corning Gorilla Glass the phone has.

The battery is 3050mAH and supports rapid charging.

the phone also has a water repellent coating so that you're safe from occational spills, splashes or little raiin that can ruin your phone.

You can set up the fingerprint scanner during the setup of the phone.

the problem I was facing was the phone lights up but it takes a while for the screen to light up.

When I was trying to unlock the screen when on, its instant.

To talk about the initial impression it's pretty great.

The device is smooth, the screen is very responsive.

The transitions are very smooth as well.

The device is running Android 6.

0 but moto has already announced that it will update to Android 7.


And, it shouldn't take long because the OS is stock and only a few customizations.

The display like i mentioned earlier is not AMOLED.

But you have the option in the settings to keep the colors natural or vibrant.

The screen is colorful, it's vibrant, the blacks are nice and deep.

It's bright as well.

I don't think you will miss the AMOLED screen.

Yup I wouldn't say it's a bad idea or move from Moto, because the amulet screen after a while would have burn-in issues with the on-screen buttons.

The average Ram usage is about 1.


7Gb in the little time I spent with the device.

The OS takes about 1 GB of RAM, which was kind of unexpected.

although 8Gb storage is used by the OS you still have 24Bb of storage, expandable to 128gb.

Browsing was a breeze in the device, if you do a lot of browsing this device won't disappoint you.

the camera app is simple and easy to use you have filters, manual mode in-built.

You don't have an auto HDR option though Have a look at some of the sample photos and the maximum video resolution is 1080p which might be let down for some of you.

All in all, its a great device.

I will be using it for over a week after which I will be posting my full revie.

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Do let me know if you have any queries about the device in the comment section below so that they can either answer them or add them during my full review Thanks for watching!!.