Moana Movie Review- Drawing- Spoiler Free


What makes a good movie ? That's has to depend on what the viewer wants from a movie? What I usually want from a movie tends to be : a good story line, plot, interesting characters, amazing visuals and good pacing.

But, if I had to choose , only one aspect that will break or make a movie for me that's going to have to be characters If you don't have interesting characters then I really don't care what happens Why should I be invested in this movie? Invested in the story line? And that's what makes a good movie for me.

And I think that's why I do such a long range of favorite movies that tend to not fall in the same category or genre.

Because my-(brain is crazy).

But then again, I do enjoy movies sometimes that are so bad that they're good in a way My top favorite 2016 movie is Moana So, my guidelines of rating a movie tends to involve : A – the plot and story B – Characters C – Visuals which includes animation, wardrobe, background designs, and so forth D – Pacing And E- Music I will try to not spoil the movie for you Guys, you have to see the movie because it's so good in my humble opinion So, we have a girl who does on an adventure for the good of her people which really struck me because we always get these stories of somebody ( people in governing positions) who wants an adventure and they tend to be a little selfish on what they want when they should be thinking about the good of their people in a sense but I think the plot is pretty obvious if you do know the science of how islands are created All the characters in Moana are just so interesting, funny and well rounded I just can't choose a favorite character The animation is so beautiful.

The ocean in this movie looks so realistic.

The pacing in the movie is nice.

We get to know the characters and the story line is not very heavy.

It's very light.

The music in this was amazing, We are getting so much character development in these tiny segments of songs that you really got to know the characters and if you really listen, you do get so much history and you really wonder about what these characters meant Why these specific words were chosen? Which really talks about the dedication that Disney and all the people working there put into this movie.

Were there parts that I did not like? Yes, there were parts that I did not like but they were very minimal and even then I don't think it much away from the story Would I recommand this movie? YES! Of course, I would recommend this movie to anybody.