Lenovo Vibe K6 Power Full Review! Better than Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime! Vs Redmi Note 3?


Whtisup guy'z, in today'z Video letz checkoutthe Full Review of the Lenovo K6 Power & compare it'z performance against the Xiaomi RedmiNote 3 and Redmi 3s & Prime! —inTro—Starting with the build quality & looks, the all metal Unibody looks cool & premium & lookza bit like a smaller version of the Redmi Note 3 specially at the back! ! It feels very ergonomic & comfortable tohold due to the curved edges at the back and the 5" form factor is ideal for single handusage! Even though it has a large 4000mAh battery,it feels pretty light to hold at 145gms.

So as far as looks & build quality goes it’sa win here! The general performance is on par with anyother device having the SnapDragon 430 Chipset & the speed of operation during browsing & stuffis how it should be! The speed is good due to the near stock AndroidUser Interface & if you want, it also has the option of VibeUILenovo has also provided some nifty features on this device like Quick Snap where you caninstantly click a snap by double pressing any of the Volume keys when the screen isoff, double tap to light up the screen, the Wide Touch feature which creates a floatingbutton on screen for app shortcuts & useful custom gestures, Fingerprint snap where thefingerprint scanner can be used as a shutter button & stuff like the VR mode where youcan get the option by long pressing the power button! Lighter games run very smoothly while heaviergames like Asphalt 8 does have some occasional frame drops but it doesn't actually hamperthe gaming eXperience & is very much playable.

So, overall gaming is decent on the K6 Power& gets pass marks The FullHD 1080p IPS LCD Display is one ofthe better ones I have seen at this price range with good viewing angles & colourz.

The screen can get pretty bright & there isno issues with visibility even under direct sunlight! The Volume output via the Stereo speakersat the back is one of the LOUDEST I have heard at any price range.

With the integrated Dolby Atmos, the AudioeXperience is pretty immersive.

Call Quality is also good & Clear! As you might have seen in my last Video, theCamera performance of the K6 Power is pretty good for a budget device.

You won't be disappointed with both the stillphoto's & Video quality.

You can check the Full Camera Review by pressingthe link above Coming to the Battery Life, the performanceof the 4000mAh battery is really good! I could get a Screen-On-Time of about 7h 37minzat 16% with Jio VoLTE 4G running 24/7.

So, I can safely say that the Amazing BatteryLife, Good Display & Decent Camera are the strong points of this budget device! Now comparing it with the Xiaomi Redmi 3s& Prime & the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, all these smartphones have good Overall performance& End User eXperience & you won't be disappointed with either! Having said that, The Redmi Note 3 obviouslyis more powerful with the SD650 chipset but falls far behind the K6 Power in the CameraDepartment.

Gaming though is more smoother on the RedmiNote 3! The general performance of the Redmi 3s Primerunning the same SD430 chipset & the heavily skinned MIUI is similar in overall performancebut the Lenovo K6 Power has the better camera performance & much louder eXternal speakers.

The display also looks better on the K6 & holdsthe edge over the 720p display of the 3s Prime! The only thing the 3s Prime has over the K6Power is the IR Blaster! That's it for now! Like & share this Video if you liked it & pressthe free Subscribe Button to stay notified on upcoming tech reviews.

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