Lenovo K6 Power UnboXing & Full Camera Review Vs Phab 2 Plus Camera!


Whtisup guy'z, welcome to my channel & todaylet'z UnboX the retail unit of the Lenovo K6 Power, a budget oriented Smartphone & checkoutit'z Camera performance! On opening the boX, first you will find theK6 Power itself, a sim ejector tool, some usual paperwork like the quick start guide& warranty information, a free In-Ear Headphone, a MicroUSB to USB cable for data transfer& charging, and a 5.

2 Volt 2 Ampere travel adaptor, same as the Lenovo Phab 2 Plus Ihad reviewed earlier! Let'z peel the plastic off the K6 Power'zdisplay! It's a bit thick at 9.

3mm due to the massive4000mAh battery inside but still feels pretty light in hand & comfortable to hold due tothe curved edges at the back.

The metallic body along with the fingerprintscanner makes it look kinda premium.

It does have some 3rd party apps pre-installedlike Skype, UC Browser, McAfee Anti-Virus, SHAREit & SYNCit but you can uninstall themif you want.

VibeUI & Android are the two User-Interfacesyou will get pre-bundled! Now let'z have a look at the Camera interfaceafter which we will checkout some photo'z & unedited Video samples, so that you canalso judge it'z Quality! Instead of the usual HDR-On & Off modes, herea Smart On-Off Mode is present.

And it is Smart in the sense that it can readthe situation you are in and automatically switch to that mode.

For eXample, if HDR mode is required thenit will switch to HDR mode without you choosing it manually, the same thing happens with landscape,low-light & other modes! As you can see the photo's have turned outpretty good & many of the times the Dynamic range is on Point with good details in thebright & darker areas, though it wasn't able to capture the Red'z very convincingly! The front facing camera is ok & Both camera'shave pretty wide angles! In artificial lighting the performance dipsa bit with grainy resultz, that's why for acceptable results, itz advisable to takephoto's in well lit areas or at least use the flash! It also tends to Over-Soften the images speciallynoticeable in low light photo's, almost like the beauty mode is constantly On! But at this budget price range, we can't complainmuch plus the daylight performance is very decent! Video Quality is good with ok dynamic rangeand result is far better than the Phab 2 Plus.

Compared to the camera on the Phab 2 Plus,I had reviewed earlier, it had a better Selfie camera & captured the Red colour'z prettywell with overall natural colour'z but the K6 Power has better Dynamic Range & much betterVideo Quality! That'z it for now! Stay tuned for the Full Review coming up ina few days by pressing the Subscribe Button, if you haven't already.

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