Grossery Gang Chunky Crunch Box 16pcs with Rotten color change Grosseries! | GC Reviews


here we go guys this is the grocery gang and the welcome to GC reviews its a couple of days before Christmas about a week and picked up some pre toys for Christmas be careful and this is the new one that we found at our local target chunky crunch with a color changers 16 side so it's really nice I didn't do the unpacking of them but here here most of them these are the ones that are non color changers and here are the ones that do to color the change in this the video and i'll have my daughter do it for us okay Jina let's go one at a time let's see it yeah I see the mold and see not gonna put it there yeah I got one that time but here we see it so here in all the brown black mold on this one what's his name you know Cookie Cookie so and this one this one you can see the mold on his face and his eyes and it's going to do the croissant ok that will put it ok right down next to hear and see it Wow look at that he has It's going away fast let's do one more time we find them ok now we can see them (mumble mumble) We can see it a little better who's next let me see ok the next to the cookie oh you can see that one a lot all brown mold all over it okay that's one who is it Let me see first okay you're doing too fast Whoah that one's a lot alright this one wait hold on i can't see put it down first well this one who's that guy what you got okay wait go, put it inside I dont have a good angle but let's try it all looks on brown really within now let's do the video and show them here the normal this is all normal now.