Genesis G90 3.3T AWD 2017 Review


The G90 is the Genesis brand's inaugural flagship.

You may remember it as the Hyundai Equus.

I drove the V8 model last year and was wowedby its true luxury offering.

This time around I've got the twin turbo V6with all-wheel drive, a popular build combination for those in the Snowbelt.

Collecting glowing reviews, including onefrom me, and chosen as a finalist for Car of The Year, the G90 is making outstandingfirst impressions for the burgeoning Genesis brand.

With a starting price below $70 grand, theG90 tests your vanity by providing sumptuous sedan spaciousness without the brand namelabel.

Some people need that to feed their ego.

But those who don’t will be rewarded witha car that does nearly everything on a very high level while putting at least $10 grandback in the wallet.

Significantly more commodious and more powerfulthan a comparable Audi A8 L, the G90 3.

3T AWD is priced at $71,550 and everything yousee here is standard.

A similarly optioned Audi costs $89,000.

So the value proposition of the Genesis isobviously great.

It also includes 3 years of comprehensivecomplimentary coverage including scheduled maintenance, valet services from your dealer,technology updates and more.

Who doesn’t love a V8, but this all-newdirect-injected twin-turbocharged V6 provides a stimulating level of sportiness to the G90’sluxury bias.

When running on premium fuel, it produces365 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque resulting in smooth, effortless, robust accelerationand worry-free passing prowess.

Paired with an 8-speed automatic with sportmode mapping and paddle shifters, it returns 20mpg in combined driving in all-wheel driveform and will accept regular unleaded.

Depending on model, that’s only 1 or 2 mpgoff of the V8’s numbers and this car weighs about 120 pounds less.

Like Hyundai, Genesis calls their all-wheeldrive system H-TRAC.

Sourced from the global leader in AWD systemsMagna International, it can direct up to 40% of available power to the front axle.

Normal and Eco modes provide more tractionin all-weather conditions, while the Sport setting gives a more agile feel by increasingthe amount of torque sent to the rear wheels.

To maximize efficiency, the system directsavailable torque to the rear wheels during steady-state highway cruising, improving fueleconomy and noise, vibration and harshness.

If something's missing by not choosing theV8 I'm not sure what it is.

This V6 is just as lively, comes with no turbolag and 1 added MPG.

As I previously learned, the adaptive controlsuspension is a ride comfort dream and the steering is superior thanks to its variablegearing which makes turning this car in tight spots like child’s play while also providinga direct connection to the wheels…never a Hyundai strong suit.

Even on curvy roads, it drives like the bigcar boss that it is.

Without the ability to project my smartphoneonto the screen and the fact that this infotainment system isn't as user friendly as the one employedin low end Hyundais is a G90 problem.

Otherwise this cabin is true luxury.

As longas you're not into personalization.

Unlike the other big boys, Genesis makes thedecisions for you so other than exterior color and 1 of 2 interior color schemes your G903.

3T is going to look exactly like the next guy’s.

The V8 model adds some features but it’llby in large look the same.

Now some will appreciate that ease of orderingwhile others will wish they could make it their own.

It’s been 4 months since my first G90 test-driveand other than my beef with some of the in-car tech, the G90 still impresses in a big way.

I’d have no issue giving up the LED headlightsand power rear seats of the V8 model for this stellar V6.

Plus, you still get great driver assistancetech like this Smart Cruise Control with Stop/Start that can manage the mundane driving of stopand go traffic.

As Genesis continues to add to its 2 car lineup,the G90 is putting the brand’s best foot forward and its one that’s well-heeled.