Funny Yelp Reviews-Mollie orders The Steak Bowl at Chipotle


(jazzy music) – I'm writing this on my phone, on the toilet, because I ate here two hours ago, and now I can't stop pooping I ordered the steak bowl because for some reason the geniuses in the kitchen didn't make enough chicken, and they ran out, so there was this long line of people waiting for the kitchen to bring out the chicken, and I thought, "Instead of waiting for the chicken, "I'll just order the steak bowl

" The joke's on me (farting) Because now the bathroom sounds like that scene from Dumb and Dumber where Harry dominates the bathroom with his explosion of painful diarrhea Chipotle steak has made a thick dark river of hate come out of me that Vigo the Carpathian would be proud of, and no janitor, and no toilet deserves what's happening in here Three stars Because at least the guacamole tasted good

(acid jazz)