Funny Yelp Reviews: McDonalds on Dorsett


– I have an announcement to make to you all To the people of America

I was just here at this McDonald's on Dorset It's a Monday I was disrespected in there I almost got into a fight with a girl in there First of all my first issue was that the drive-through was filled all the way up

So I had to walk inside So then I'm already mad because I had to get out of my car and go inside I go inside and I politely say, may I have a McRib meal, extra large, with a Dr Pepper? She said, okay that'll be $658

I said, aren't you forgetting something? She said, what? I said, you're supposed to offer me an extra McRib for a dollar when I buy the McRib meal You won't believe that she looked me up and down and she said, well it doesn't look like you need an extra McRib McScuse me? I throw-punched that bitch, I knocked her down And if you ever go to McDonald's on Dorset and you see a girl in there named Sharlene, you tell them that Carla sent you And then you throw-punch her, or punch her in the cooter, I don't give a damn

This is against my civil rights Fuck you McDonald's On Dorset Not all of them I like the rest of them