Funny Yelp Reviews: McDonald’s McFlurry


– How you gonna call yourself a Mickey D's if you ain't got no ice cream? Don't you know I'm a mad, moody, emotional woman with f'ed up ovaries who needs me a McFlurry? I am PMS'ing, man I have two ungrateful little brats that are waiting for me in the car

I need the McFlurry How you gonna tell me there's no McFlurry? It's like having no hamburgers in McDonald's How can you have no hamburgers in McDonald's? You're not gonna say anything to me 'cause you don't know what to say? You wanna give me a hug? You think that's gonna help? I need loving I need a McFlurry It's the only thing I have for myself

Please I don't want your ice cream I don't want the milkshake I just want a McFlurry (sobs)