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British weather never disappoints that was a big fan of the mazda mx-5 the idea of a new to see that rable drive roadster coming to the UK is a very exciting prospect and when I had that that model was going to be heavily based on the mx-5 a thought okay of course that model is the Fiat 124 spider named that dates back 50 years the original 1966 spider and it's actually design question the original model and make it to this one that make it unique when compared to the mx-5 you've got the crease that runs down the beltline button in denton a banach the big gaping grill and in fact every panel used on this car is difference to the mx-5 but it's not just aesthetics that set these two models apart he insists that the spider is actually settled to feel quite different to drive but both models are built on the same chatting and side-by-side in the same factory five different can really be so the first major difference is that the spider uses a 1.

4 liter petrol engine mated to a snappy six-speed manual gearbox and this 1.

4 petrol features a turbocharger and that means that unlike the naturally aspirated 1.

5 liter or two liter petrol xin the mx-5 get a big bubble of power waiting to be best at 3000rpm not let left let you feed on its 214 using the talk what does mean however is that acceleration below the 3000 RPM mark is a bit on the Wellman and that's where more linear powered naturally aspirated models like the mx-5 do reign supreme even if you do after Kane a bit home don't get me wrong though the spider still loves to climb all the way to the rev limiter and it still got a nation character fault moan from the exhaust when you rub it out and if you do Kane it from a standard style take seven and a half seconds to reach up all-important 62 miles per hour mark it's not just the engine that's different though the spider moves and feels different on the road juicy unique springs and steering settle which ultimately means it leans a bit more in the corners due to the cautious suspension and the steering feels ever so slightly easier but you still get that razor-sharp 10 in like the mx-5 and it does grip the road like a scale electric scar and yet if you do get a bit physical with it you can still out the back end out there's no limited-slip differential on the spider that one like to Lisa mx-5 so there is a limit to how far you can push it particularly wet conditions like this and that along with its better Road of wind insulation feathering for fighting the spiders build more comfortable convertible cruising rather than apex attacking madness the mx-5 but i think if you were to pull up next to an mx-5 at the traffic lights inspired that can be fairly confident that i can hold its own interior the spider has got a leg up on conference as well I mean neither the models are particularly plush but these added inserts on the doors to make it smidgen more luxurious apart from life you're in an mx-5 means the same entertainment screen and rotary dial you've got the same steering wheel and brilliant loadout seated position and you've got that same one-handed folding roof mechanism it was the three trims to choose from with the lusso mid-range trim being the best one in terms of essentials and text you get likes of sat nav the air heated leather seats to get rear reversing camera and you also get automatic climate control and it has a convenience and cookies there's a few dotted around quite handy and you've also got these removable and configurable cupholders despite that has actually got ten Lisa's more boot space in the mx-5 at 140 Lisa's but that's not a massive difference so this boot is still better suited to small amounts of shopping bags awesome soft weekend bags but i do like the fear of like the budge on there regardless what model you go for whether it's the spider or the mx-5 both of them offer a lot of car for their 20,000 pound or so price tag but side-by-side inspired to sit in between the mx-5 is 1.

5 liter and to leave the petrels but the spider is slightly less efficient due to its turbocharger acclaimed average of around 44 miles per gallon although we've been getting between 35 to 40 miles per gallon let's have one last blast so which is better to fear or the mother well it's really not that simple I wish it was and how fast it can be difficult to put your finger on it but the two models do feel different to drive and the best we can describe the 124 spider is that it feels like an mx-5 with a comfort pocket which if you're after the roads to feel of the mx-5 know quite what the visual field that goes with it then it's great me personally I think about to go for the master what do you think would you go for them as they always go for the fields let us know in the comments section below and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel click on the inquirer button to find out more details about this car if any of the models is a car keys that code UK and so much more reviews click one of the links on screen now.