Easy Edge Review: Testing the Original Spin Broom

Easy Edge

Easy Edge

You’ve probably seen the commercials for Roto Sweeper The Original Best Rotating Floor Sweeper That Picks Up Anything! AS SEEN ON TV, Turbo Tiger Sweeper, or Hurricane Spin Broom But there’s another product like those that’s been around even longer, and that product is Easy Edge

So today is my review of Easy Edge, the original spin broom Let’s see how it works Look what I just got in the mail It is the Easy Edge sweeper So let’s crack this open and see what we’ve got inside

If the design of Easy Edge looks familiar, you’ve probably seen commercials for other items such as Roto Sweep, Turbo Tiger Sweeper, and Hurricane Spin Broom Those have all come on the market in the last couple months, and they’re all very similar to Easy Edge, which has been around a lot longer We have these two outer brushes and an inner brush These move the debris into the center and this one kicks it into a dustpan which you can access back here to dump the contents out later The brushes extend beyond the sides of the unit so it can get the edges

debris from the edges Thus that’s why it’s called Easy Edge So because Easy Edge is the original, I thought I should review that one first and then as I get the other ones, I’ll compare them to the original, and we’ll see how they all pan out

But for right now let’s take a look at Easy Edge on its own merits I’m gonna try a few different things I’m going to try a crumpled up cracker which that’s the kind of thing that would happen in my house, where you drop it and step on it Gotta sweep that up I’m gonna try some coffee grounds because those are difficult to sweep up as well

I want to see how well this product does picking up coffee grounds because that I’ve spilled before and that can be a real pain to clean up, even with a broom and a dustpan So let’s see how well Easy Edge does with that Hi-Ya! There we go Not bad actually Got the coffee grounds up

Took me a couple of passes but really I think that’s certainly acceptable and as easy or easier than it would have been with a broom So as you can see, Easy Edge does a pretty good job It’s not electric so all you have to do is just push down a little bit when you’re moving along the floor and you also have to make sure you always keep it moving in a forward direction, not pulling it backwards, not scrubbing like you would with a mop There’s a little bit of a learning curve to that but once you get that down, it actually works pretty well If you don’t put any pressure on it, brushes are gonna just kind of sit there

When you push it down then they start moving I found the handle is very sturdy, unlike a lot of As Seen on TV handles are very flimsy This one’s well built Another advantage of Easy Edge over the others is that it’s only sixteen dollars Shipping was about five or six dollars on QVC

Assembly is relatively easy You just have three pieces for the handle, and they go into this slot here and you’re ready to go You might see it as a negative that the middle brush does tend to pick up dog hair, but on the other hand my broom and my vacuum also pick up dog hair so really I don’t think that’s anything you’re going to escape if you’re a pet owner Keep in mind also that you’re not supposed to use Easy Edge on carpeting It’s supposed to be used in place of a broom like you would do on hardwood floors or tile, you can probably also use it out in your garage or maybe in your basement, but not carpeting

I’m gonna see what kind of test I can put it in my garage This hasn’t been swept out for most of the winter so I want to see how it does handling some of the stuff out here on the floor I don’t even know what’s on the floor out here so let’s see what we’ve got Dead roach We’ve got some fuzz, got some paper, we’ve got some kitty litter, got a penny

Yeah this garage floor doesn’t look too good so let’s see if I can sweep this up with Easy Edge and see how well that performs Dead roach Gone Fuzz Gone

Kitty litter, gone I really feel like Easy Edge is handling about everything I throw at it Again, as I said before, the only problem potentially is that it does get hair in that center brush, but that’s gonna happen with pretty much anything, so they give you a way of cleaning that out which I’ll show you how to do next Hey it doesn’t end up on its own If you have pets like I do, you’re going to have to eventually clean out the pet hair that gets stuck in the brushes

They give you this little comb you can use to clean out the bristles and it works pretty well and I haven’t found the pet hair to be too problematic even though it does get in that center brush a little bit This takes it right out One thing I noticed is that when you’re picking up a spill, sometimes it’s better to go in a circle instead of moving forward, picking it up, and moving back again because that tends to move things around a little bit Seems like just going in one continuous forward motion is definitely the way to pick things up the best They have the word “forward” written in two different places to make sure you use it in a forward motion and not backward

Even though Easy Edge has been advertised on television, it’s not really an “As Seen on TV” product per se, and that could be one reason why the quality is much higher than what I’m used to seeing with these types of handled cleaners that I’ve reviews in the past, and that’s a good thing for Easy Edge If you’re looking for one of these spin brooms, this seems to be the first place you should look It’s the original, it’s less expensive than the others, it ships faster than the others, and it’s very well made so I think that Easy Edge is the easy choice If you like this video, I’d appreciate a subscribe and that way you can see my most recent As Seen on TV product reviews from me, James White, from Freakin’ Reviews

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