Doogee Shoot 1 Review of Double Rear Camera Phone for 100$ ?


Hello internet I’m Elijah and in this episode we are going to review very affordable double rare camera smartphone Doogee Shoot 1.

Device running on quad core processor MT6737T, has 2 GB of random access memory, 16 GB of internal memory storage and supports SD cards up to 256GB, however in this case you will need to choose between 2 SIM-cards or 1SIM- card and 1 memory card, due the particular properties of the SIM-tray.

Phone’s design looks like a cross between Xiaomi 5 and Oneplus 3.

Thanks to full uni-body metal jacket with subtle curves and clean lines It looks and feels very premium.

It not as thin as most of the modern phones with that battery and even with that thickness both cameras are still sticking out.

Physical buttons on the sides are easily recognizable and very easy to press.

In general, developers chose for Doogee Shoot 1 very simplistic design where there is nothing superfluous but also nothing special.

Doogee Shoot 1 main feature is 13+8-megapixel double rare camera with dual flash.

And it seems that is becoming some kind of trend among Chinese manufacturers, even among those who not really widely known.

So as I said in the review of Bluboo Dual, another smartphone, with similar feature, purpose of double camera is to define the distance between the primary object and the background and by that give the picture additional depth.

Does Doogee Shoot 1 have this function? Yes, it has.

Does it make your pictures better? Well… With the default settings photos and even videos suffering from overexposure, maybe even a little bit more than other phone’s cameras.

Also, phone obviously lacking good color rendering.

And I’m not even talking about all this noises on the pictures made in low light conditions.

Luckily, all of those problems can be solved either by changing default setting or by some third party apps.

Moreover, this camera is much better than most of the other cameras that phones for 99 dollars offering.

Situation with 8MP front camera is much better.

Since it doesn’t have exposure problems, have very decent color rendering and has much lower noise level.

I really love Doogee’s Full HD 5.

5 inch SHARP display.

It is very bright, very colorful, work greatly and stay nice and sharp under any light and angle.

There are absolutely no inversions or darkening even if you are looking under angle close to 180 degrees.

It’s not AMOLED for sure, however image quality is quite close to it.

Doogee Shoot 1 running Android 6.

0 as an operating system with slightly changed User Interface.

Among the alteration that worth mentioning there is a camera app that allowing to fully use double camera capabilities and adding some other tweaks.

Another change is Doogee Security which adding additional security and allowing you to set password on every single app on your device.

And of course some minor alterations that you probably will never use such as one handed mode, emergency rescue, power saver, QR Code Scanner and Gesture Settings.

Fingerprint scanner is doing surprisingly well and moreover it can even compete with Xiaomi 5 scanner in its responsiveness and speed.

Inside the device has 3300 mAh battery, which can hold aroundh.


5 hours of playing Epic Citadel with full brightness and wifi module turned on.

With a normal use phone can work up to 18-20 hours, which is more than enough.

Game performance does NOT suck on this device.

I mean you will still notice some FPS drops while playing Modern Combat 5, BUT it still not going out of gaming comfort zone.

Benchmarks such as Antutu giving to the device score around 40000, while Epic Citadel on the Ultra High setups and full HD resolution showing 24 fps.

And at the end of this episode it is time to face the ugly truth.

If you are expecting something supernatural in terms of camera from Doogee Shoot 1, smartphone that cost around 100$, you, MOSTLIKELY, will be disappointed, even knowing it is probably the best camera for this price.

However, if you considering this device apart from its main feature, you will understand that it is very decent smartphone and deserves your attention.

It has good gaming capabilities, amazing display, very responsive fingerprint scanner and surprisingly long battery life.

And that is all for today.

I’m Elijah.

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