Cheerson CX-60 Review. Interesting Fighting Drone


Welcome back to Cheerson! My name is Martin and you haven't seen or heard of us quite a while.

And it is beginning of 2017 and we are back with the first new product and can see them here these are called CX-60 and this are gaming drones.

Let's have a look at the drones before and later we'll have a look at that application itself.

So, if you were to get CX-60 this because if you were to buy them you will find two drones in the box and they're coming without the transmitters because it wouldn't be really comfortable having application and transmitter because there are many functions on the application and you need to press here and there the button so it wouldn't be really comfortable flying with the transmitter.

So it is 100% controlled by the application.

Another really cool feature about this drone Drones are that they're coming with plugin and play battery know why is pretty comfortable and easy to remove and charge the battery obviously we'll find the chargers well especially made for this battery and if you have all of the drones themselves and you will find that there are two infrared race at the top and in the front we call them lasers because they use to shoot while playing to shoot each other while playing.

At the back of the drones you will find the LED lights which are indicating the life of the drones.

The drones are brushed and you can see that there are three winged propellers which makes this drones pretty fast.

Let's have a look at the application itself.

You can download this application by scanning the barcode the barcodes are available on our website 214 and Android and another one for Apple phones so let's have a look at the application itself first of all II when you enter the first time to the application you would have to register actually you can use quite a few names to register and the main idea behind that you can play you can play these games battle with your firm with the with them with your friends not only one friend and each time you can you can use different nicknames to look in and the application would will remember the scores each time and in my opinion is pretty cool because you can have fun with the different people another interesting thing is that you can expand the game so this course are saved and you can expand the game after eight nine ten days and played every day and see who is am in a long-term another interesting thing is here that each day you would get coins golden coins which you can use to buy extra weapons and upgrade them drawers itself so the feature they would have more features and it would be easier to battle your enemy so are far i will not talk a lot about this application it's pretty easy took me about five minutes to understand and you know to to get an idea how to use it so let's have some fun ok.