Best Survival Knives 2017? Top 5 Best Survival Knives Review


today I'm going to show you top 5 best survival knife starting at number five gerbil bear grylls ultimate pro survival knife with sheath is a great survival knife in that it comes with a four-point eight inch blades that is made with high quality premium steal it is a fine edge blade and the sheath is easy-to-use pull the blade through sharpener it is a firestarter mounted directly onto the sheath ensuring you can always start a fire for cooking light relaxation and warm this survival knife comes with free shipping on amazon and you cannot go wrong with a survival knife equipped with so many amazing life saving features and now it is thirty-four percent discount on amazon for more information and latest price you can check description below in this video number for carb are full-sizes Marine Corps fighting knife when thinking at the Marines toughness is one of the first things to come to mind that same ruggedness blends its way into the carb are full-size as marine corps fighting knife a unique fixed seven straight edged blade knife laid out of 1095 prevents steal the endorsement isn't just in the name and as expected this knife comes with a very nice leather sheath and is one of the most popular knife designs in the world for further reference look at any Hollywood movie where the final fight scene is two guys where the other one inevitably pulls out a knife number three buck 119 special a discussion about great survival knives would not be complete without mentioning the buck 119 special this knife has been around for decades and is considered a classic with its 6-inch 420 high-carbon stainless steel blade if performs just as well in the woods as it does as a tactical knife the blade thicknesses 0.

175 inches helping it Excel more and more precision work than the other thicker knives on the list the knife meets all of our criteria with flying colors number two of this list gerbil bear grylls ultimate serrated it is 10 inches in length which falls right in the sweet spot for a versatile survival knife it has a molded rubber grip and includes the firestarter that is integrated with a diamond sharpener and emergency whistle is included as well which could potentially help you signal for rescue in an emergency it includes a lifetime warranty and many of the reviewers have commented on what a good value this product is for the relatively low price if you are in the market for a basic all-around survival knife that will do what you expect from it the juror bear growls model is certainly worth a closer look and number one car breaker BK to the car bar-b-que to is definitely a favorite in the survival community it has a 5.

25 inch 1095 prevents steel blade with an overall length of 10.

5 inches it meets all of the requirements that we mentioned earlier for survival knife designed by Ethan Becker the knife is a workforce with its 0.

25 inch thickness and can definitely take a beating most users consider it a hefty prime bar that happens to have a nice knife edge on it it definitely favors the heavy-duty side of the survival knife spectrum for more information and latest price you can check description below in this video thank you for watching if you liked this video please share and give me a thumbs up and also don't forget to subscribe my channel I'll be right back on my next video.