Beretta 30th Anniversary M92 A1 Limited Edition | Airsoftology 2 Minute Review


Welcome to under the gun, the show where Igive you the full run down on an airsoft product before the timer runs out.

And it's game over In this episode we’re looking at the Limited Edition Beretta 30th Anniversary M92 So let’s get the timer started and get this review going.

While not laden in gold and wood, the airsoftversion does have some unique similarities to its real steel 2500 count limited edition brother.

Externally you the pistol arrives in its ownserialized case, and upon opening it you’ll find more than just this CO2 powered collector’sedition inside.

Accompanying it is a set of dog tags thatalso hold the same serial number as the case and pistol, further proving the authenticityof this limited run of only a 1000 pieces of this gun.

On the side of the pistol, you not only getthe serial number etched, but also the same 30th anniversary markings that you find onthe real version… And they weren’t content on just givingyou a flat black sidearm, rather each unit is uniquely hand worn externally, and eventhe included CO2 magazine shows the same wear as well.

The build is almost all metal and has the heft to match… but you’ll need that sturdy build to handle the select fire option that’s also included.

Yes, you can choose semi or full auto rightfrom the side under the plastic grips Functionally, the pistol is identical to theStandard Elite Force Licensed Beretta M92 with a decocker, ambidextrous safety and removable magazine the parts are interchangeable between thetwo versions of both CO2 M92 pistols.

Internally you have an adjustable hopup underthe slide as well as full blowback cycling, so you’re also getting an accurate, andauthentic functional replica should you feel the need to skirmish with this collector's item at a game.

Chrono and shooting tests showed a FPS of330-340 FPS using.

20g bbs, so this CO2 pistol should be good enough to use in pretty much any indoor or outdoor field across the world.

The only downside to this collector's pistol I could findis the required painted orange tip for US laws.

but again, it’s not a deal breaker and with just a small bit of work, I’m surethere’s a way for those enterprising souls out there get one off and preserve the finish.

And since this is a limited hand worn collector’sedition with a case, unique serial numbers and matching dog tags, there is a premiumprice to go along with it….

And you can have your very own for around$180 US.

But don’t wait, with only 1000 pieces made,it’s bound to sell out quick.

Well that’s it, we made it again.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Under theGun.

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