Audiobook Reviews | Born a Crime, The Way of Kings and More [CC]


Hey there booktube, Katie here and you're watching Katie loves to read.

Today I want to bring you a quick set of audiobook reviews.

I haven't done this in a while so basically if you have not watched my previous audiobook review video, this is a series of videos where I talk about the audiobooks i've been listening to recently and focus particularly on the narration style and whether I think picking this book up as an audio enriched or detracted from my experience as a reader.

So the first book i want to talk about is one that i got for review through audible but could not finish and that was the Wonder by Emma Donoghue.

This book is about a young girl in Ireland who is seemingly surviving without eating any food so they get an English nurse over and they're trying to prove whether she's right or wrong.

Is she a fake or is she some kind of miracle from god? So my major issue with this book was the narration style and that was why I had to stop.

I perhaps should have been a little bit more careful with this before I said that I would review it because yeah Irish accent okay they're they're obviously something i'm fairly au fait Witt, being Irish its natural.

I meet Irish people pretty much all of the time because i live in ireland and we're pretty much homogeneously white Irish people here but the narrator was English which kind of makes sense because the nurse who was narrating story was English but she would try to do Irish accent and they honestly just sounded like she was making fun of people and i could not abide by that.

I'm sure she was not trying to make fun of Irish people with the Irish accent or whatever but it was just coming across as something that sound in any way authentic I just couldn't do it anymore.

I do think the storyline itself was interesting enough so i may try and pick up a hard copy at some point from the library but I yeah I don't know, I think I've lost my enthusiasm about this book because of the audiobook so i would definitely give the narration or one star and the book well I can't really rate it.

The next audiobook I did finish that was The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, now this is like a 46 hour long audio book.

It took me quite a while to get through it! Once again i received a credit to review this one from audible and I really enjoyed this audiobook although in the end I did actually end up finishing this one off as a print copy.

The Way of Kings is a Cosmere universe novel, it is a high fantasy and it examines kind of a war between two groups the Alethi and the Parchendi that started after the Parchendi killed the Alethi King.

We follow four different narratives and overall as a story goes it's a pretty good one.

It's probably too long but it does have some interesting characters, interesting plot lines and interesting developments to make to the Cosmere universe if you're a Brandon Sanderson reader so i did enjoy it.

I also really liked the audiobook so it is narrated by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading and Michael Kramer's does the male parts, Kate Reading does the female parts and honestly while a lot of people are huge fans of Kate Reading as a narrator I don't love her, i think she's fine.

Michael Kramer on the other hand, I think he is fabulous and I would listen to just about anything that he narrates as an audiobook and I suppose to a certain extent it wasn't that I didn't enjoy this audiobook it was just this audiobook with too long and it was taking me forever to get through it which was leaving me feeling incredibly frustrated and like I wasn't making any progress at all and that was the reason why i decided to switch over to print copy just because I could make quicker progress and because i want to know what happened but i think probably overall i would give a 4 stars to the narration of this book as well as the four stars to the book it was good but not blowing me away level.

Then the next book I read was also a review book from audible.

Is anybody sensing a theme here? This is Holding by Graham Norton.

As you can see i requested a lot of review copies from audible in kind of late November but this one just did not work for me whatsoever.

Graham Norton himself narrated it.

It is kind of a crime thriller novel set in the small Irish town of Duneen, a sleepy town they find a body and its an examination of what happened.

It's an examination of the occupants of the village and their relationships and relationships they have with the dead person and how it affects everyone within the village but as things went it was very predictable the actions of the characters decided to take you don't seem very believable mostly because they'd act in a certain way at the start of the book and they seem to just like transformed into completely different characters over the course of the novel so that was quite frustrating and it just felt like Graham Norton was forcing this book to do things that the book didn't want to do, things that the characters didn't want to do so that didn't really ring true for me.

However as a narrator he's really good.

He's a very good narrator like I mean he has a talk show.

He's good at giving inflections and kind of keeping it interesting and I think that hadn't been him narrating and if I hadn't agreed to review this book i probably wouldn't have finished it.

I can't imagine that I would have finished the print copy.

O would probably give his narration a 4.

5 out of 5 stars it was really good but i would give this book two stars maybe one star, it was one of my most disappointing reads of the year.

Then the final audio book i'm going to talk about in this video is one that i actually purchased with my own money so go me but this one is Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah.

It's also narrated by Trevor Noah and if you know Trevor Noah he is the presenter of The Daily Show which I believe it's kind of like the show on comedy central.

I've seen a few clips from it when criticised Trump and I realized he was funny and then I heard that he had an autobiography out.

It was even a collection of essays and about his life growing up in South Africa where he was literally born a crime.

He's a mixed-race child so he was the son of a Swiss German white father and a black south african mother which during apartheid was illegal.

It was illegal for black and white people to have sexual relations and have a baby and so for the first five years of his life before apartheid ended and Nelson Mandela was released from prison he was pretty much hidden inside and if he went outside he couldn't walk on the same side of the road as his father and a mixed-race woman who lived in his building used to like walk side-by-side with him so it would look like you know she was the mother and yeah it was it was very awful for obvious reasons but we move past that period quickly enough.

But this autobiography then looks at other things that happen.

He was an absolutely uncontrollable child, he would just do the most bizarre things from like pooing on the ground to just generally getting into just about every piece of trouble you could possibly imagine and the whole book is utterly hilarious but it also deals with hard-hitting issues like apartheid and like race and the importance of language and how different languages can be used to separate races and I thought actually came across as really well informed.

But additionally Trevor Noah narrating his own autobiography – it was wonderful – like I mean what else would you expect.

He made it funny, he inflected the funny parts perfectly and i found myself laughing at the most bizarre things and he just has a great sense of humor so I'm really really glad that i picked it up and I would one hundred percent say to listen to this one on audiobook if you're going to read it because i think it will enrich your experience so much.

I gave his narration a 5 out of 5 stars i gave the book maybe a four-and-a-half i stars.

I listened to the entire like eight hour audiobook in one day which kind of speaks for itself.

Anyway those are my recent audiobook listens so do you listen to audio books? Have you read any of these audiobooks? Do you have any audio books you would like me to listen to and review, let me know.

Thank you guys for watching and I will see you in my next video bye!.