Audi RS6 Performance review


That's the car, not me.

Every time you think something's completed,someone knows it can be done better.

This is what happened with the Audi RS6 as well.

There's nothing wrong with the Audi RS6.

It is a nice car.

It's a fantastic car.

Still, Audi Sportthought it can be even cooler.

How to make a car with 552 hp even cooler? By making a Performance editionwith 597 hp; 45 hp more than the RS6.

That's quite the upgrade.

Today we're going to find out if it's more fun as well.

Adding hp is easy.

You can visit a tuner to change a "normal"RS6 to have more than 600 hp.

Over 700 hp should be possible as well.

The V8 turbo can handle it.

However, they did more.

First, the suspension was modified.

It's 20mm lower.

The 21 inch rims are standard.

These wereoptional on the normal RS6, but are standard now.

It comes with a sport exhaust, but for10,000 euros extra you get an Akrapovič.

I'm putting drive select in Dynamicand shift down a gear.

There's a car in front of me,so I can't do it for long.

Like that.

When you let go of the throttle,it always goes bubbel bubbel bubbel.

Bubbel bubbel bubbel.

Bubbel bubbel bubbel.

It's not very subtle, but you can switch it offby putting drive select back to Comfort.

You can hear it tune down.


Now I can talk to you in peace.

I can tell you more about this car.

It's a special one.

Because of the lower ride height and21 inch rims it is stiffer than a normal RS6.

I'm not a big fan of the steering.

It has variable steering.

It gets heavier, but not more communicative.

You can ask yourself if it addsanything to driving this car.

The 45 extra hp do add something.

We cando 0-100 kph (62 mph) in 3.

7 seconds now.

Depending on the Dynamic package you choose,it has a higher top speed as well.

250 kph (155 mph) is standard,280 kph (174 mph) is optional, and 305 kph (190 mph) is the second option.

Audi didn't tell me which one this is,but we're going to try it out in Germany.

This'll tell me what options they installed.

It's clear; Audi gave us the fastest package.

305 kph (190 mph) should be possible.

I didn't make it because it was crowdedon the Oberhausen Straight.

We tried and you saw it go over 300 kph (186 mph).

That should be enough evidence.

It's bizarre how easily you reachthe top speed and accelerate this car.

0-100 kph (62 mph) in 3.

7 seconds is almostas fast as an Audi R8 Spyder with a V10.

This is a V8.

With a turbo, but still.

That's almost as fast.

0-200 kph (124 mph)is very fast as well with 12.

1 seconds.

That's bizarre.

Those are numbersfor the fast Ferraris and Porsches.

You do this with your family car,with your kids in the back seat.

A roof-mounted cargo box may slow you down,but it's still very, very fast.

It still surprises me Audi can do that.

What says you're driving an RS6 Performance? On the inside, not much.

The stitching on the gear selector is blueand there are blue stitches here.

However, there are no RS6 Performance badges.

The carbon has a blue teint, but you'llneed good glasses like mine to see.

The seat has blue stitching as well,but I can't see that when I'm sitting in it.

To finish this spotter's guide, the outside is blue.

It's Ascari Blue.

That's optional, but it's ametallic paint exclusive to the RS6 Performance.

If you see this color, it's an RS6 Performance.

Other details include a flat titaniumsingle-frame grille, flat titanium roof rails.

I'll call it flat gray from now on because"flat titanium" sounds stupid.

The wing mirrors are flat gray, the trim overthe diffuser is flat gray, the roof rails are flat gray, and the window frames are flat gray.

That's it.

The spotter's guideto the RS6 Performance.

Prices in the Netherlands start at 161,000 euros.

That's a lot of money,but you haven't ticked any boxes yet.

You won't have the 10,000 eurossport exhaust and other fun stuff.

Keep counting and you'll end upwith this car of 193,000 euros.

That's a lot of money, but it buysyou the fastest wagon available.

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