Audi A5 S Line 2017 In Depth Review Interior Exterior


Hello, today your new Audi A5 S against Luna.

In the broadcast version, as testing Turkce TR Field construction of the A5 Alaatin61 search its color is white Gletsj S Line sport package, more aggressive front bumper, sideskirt, rear bumper, diffuser, we can not and chairs This second generation of the A5, the first generation of drawing Walter de Silva, this is my most beautiful car he had said cizdig There are more rounded front face of this second generation innovative appearance and also the very technological tools xenon headlights as standard, but you can get there with the Matrix LED headlights of the vehicle Audi now has a dynamic signal in farlarda, there were only the taillights from the previous innovations, Audi virtual ghost display will, ambiance lighting, blind spot warning, automatic parking and more Full details with you in the b video This vehicle produces 190 horsepower and contentious than that, Quattro extra 320 nm of torque value There are double clutch S Tronic 7-speed automatic transmission There are 2 liter TFSI 4-cylinder engine It reached the level of 7.

3 seconds to 100 km The maximum speed is 240 km 5.

3 liters per burns 4.

5 liters on the highway 6.

5 sehr ici 2-liter TFSI Quattro has the extra option There are also 3-liter TFSI and 2.

0 TDI and 3.

0 TDI diesel option 4 seat lumbar adjust S Line special You can get a massage system the driver seat and the new Audi A5 S Line and ghost display will MMI display esya eyes and two USB and aux-lit Chargers place wireless flatten off screen and music secimi automatic transmission has gear change on the steering wheel F1 The park wedding, hand brake and shift back to the ramp MM the knobs to control the letting recognize the handwriting and illuminated side menus The Start and illuminated cupholders wedding Drive Select, sports comfort and eco modes start stop shutdown MMI Plus system audio and radio Carplay and Android support and phone settings map Audi Connect connection settings I adore ghost indication of the F1 gear change information display settings and give voice commands speed stabilization here automatic headlights and wipers heated and foldable mirrors, not this one, but you can select The ambiance lighting decision mirrors and LED lighting setting the glass ceiling and sosdug This glass roof can be toggled soft plastic skin this is a hard plastic and Audi Virtual indication to let surmek with different displays are possible aid systems media telephone heated direksiiyo with alabilirisniz super fuel here He alabilirisniz with display will press us, I like them very much now we came to the bench parking system To D aldim I'm tossing to this wedding possible of the different parks and also from its own parking cikabiliy SCANNING playing area is empty R ate aldim I'm just setting the speed steering their tune out 2 sensors in the rear o 2 great system super system and the vehicle as close as I inceliyelim new LED headlight system Matrix system lower grill on bumper S Line 19-inch S Line can not have great looks There are windows and panoramic glass roof of film 3d taillights and super looks a dynamic signal lamp egsonzl S Line double diffuser very beautiful I personally really like the Audi dynamic signal lamps very innovative and beautiful system Load measured in dynamic mode when it comes to dynamic 3-D provisions of that article, for example D3 gear beautiful system and there is a comfort for the economic I shall assume in otobana Despite a very comfort of the S Line and a full vehicle load measured Quattro automatic high-beam headlamp cleaning system and have an extra option Vehicle weight of 1395 kilograms has There are 454 liters of luggage space.