Audi A4 Avant | 2007 – 2015 | Review


If you want to buy a new car for $ 20,000 you can of course opt for a basic version of a Volkswagen Golf, or the Opel Astra on the second hand market you can for that $ 20,000 buy something else beauty For example, this Audi A4 He also takes a 20,000 euro and you've got a car full with options.

Notice that this car is used and which brand you? We're gonna find out.

The Audi A4 looks sleek and sporty.

Several lines and folds emphasize again the sportsmanship.

On the front we see a big beautiful Audi grill, with the corresponding xenon headlamps.

On the side are the chrome details on the roof rails and the windows.

And at the back we find a sporty bumper with an exhaust on both sides.

When you step into the Audi than actually is the quality of the interior.

This car has already driven 140,000 kilometers.

And nowhere do we see traces users or wear.

Also noteworthy that this car all buttons In the center console and a large, wide armrest behind.

Where you can lie easily with two arms.

The navigation system they tidy hidden in the dashboard, making it always easy to read is when the sun shines on it.

If we compare the A4 competitors such as the BMW 3-Series, or a Mercedes C-Class, is that the outer dimensions of the Audi A4 are the greatest.

We go over everything inside survey, we see that they are the same size all three.

That means a trunk of 500 liters and as a plenty of room in the rear.

The Audi A4 is supplied with many different engines.

Gasoline could drive from 120 hp, with the 1.

8 TSI engine.

Diesel could drive from 120 hp with the two-liter TDI engine.

There are also very powerful versions came on the market, an RS4 with 450 HP.

And there's three liter diesel comes with nearly 250 horsepower.

Today we are on the move with the 1.

8 petrol engine with 170 horsepower and an automatic transmission.

Nice and smooth and powerful, yet economical.

One of the better engines.

Now we are on the road for a while with the A4 notice that the car is relatively stiff.

Steering is very light, but direct.

So if you make a small steering so, right now, I'm the same on the other carriageway.

The machine is a multitronic gearbox, you hardly feel that it switches.

If you harder going through a turn, then you feel that you're on the go with a heavier car.

If you buy a version with an automatic transmission, then you should be watching the machine smooth and opschakeld.

Should he show shock or other strange things, it can cause major repairs in the future.

The 2-liter TSI petrol engines which are known for a somewhat higher oil consumption.

This can be remedied by a revision to the engine but it is very pricey.

You can always check with the seller if the revision is already happening.

The A4 has some problems with electronic interference, sometimes there remains lit a lamp, that's not so bad.

but it sometimes happens that remains fixed to the electric parking brake down and then you just do not come from your place.

The Audi A4 looks sporty and as the car drives well.

Also in the area there is little to debate.

But to answer the question of the intro; Can you see that this car is used? Yes, you can if you look closely a little crushed stone on the front, a little damage on the rim, it's all those little things.

But a new Golf as well better than an Audi A4? No that is not necessary.

If you buy a well-maintained Audi A4, with the entire maintenance history as well and I'm sure you to the Audi A4 have a very good reliable.