Apeman 3D DLP Glasses Review German & ENGLISH


Hello! In one of my Last videos I showed you Apemans 3D Projector.

You’ll find the Video in the upper right corner on the infocard.

Today I want to show you the 3D Glasses in Detail, that you need to watch 3D movies.

Unfortunately you can Not use the usual 3D glasses that you use for your TV, but special 3D glasses that are made for the 3D DLP technology.

Apeman has those Glasses as well.

The Buildquality is very sturdy.

I will include the link to the 3D Glasses in the video description.

On the Topside there is an On/Off button and a Micro-USB Port to charge the glasses.

Unfortunately there is no charge indicator, but I just charged them once.

So the batteries charge takes forever and the charging time is quit fast with about 2 hours.

Thanks to it’s auto shutdown function, that turns the glasses off as soon as there is no more 3D signal, One charge lets you use the glasses for about 30 hours of Movies.

To connect the glasses tot he projector you just need to press the On/Off button.

The glasses automatically and instantly find the projectors 3D signal! Here you can see streaks and flickering.

But that is due to the recording of my camera not the quality oft he glasses or the projector.

The image quality is just stunning! Unfortunately there is no way I can really show you exactly what I see.

This is because humans are bifocal.

I can hold up the glasses in front of the lens, so you get a rough image of what to expect, but you have to know that it looks much better if you look through both glasses! I also tried looking towards the screen from different angles, to spot problematic areas.

But the picture staid pinsharp from every perspective! In conclusion I can say that these 3D glasses have a very high build and image quality and they are made for 3D DLP Technology.

The battery has enough juice for 30 hours of projection time and the image quality is pinsharp, even from unfavorable angles.

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