75% OFF North Face Jackets – Best Winter Deals & Reviews!


– Huge North Face deals.

– With the deal girl.

– And a huge giveaway.

(cash register chimimg)(musical tones) – We've got a full house today.

Hi, I'm the YouTubedeal guy, Matt Granite.

– And I'm intern, Dominique.

– And I am Lucy, the deal girl.

– Yeah, you are.

How cool is it, where are we today? – We're on a Winter set at YouTube.

– And we've been using theset, and I think, like, a lot of the videos that we've shot here have looked odd because,it's Winter themed, we weren't wearing coats, but finally, we have a reason to celebrate.

Do you know what we're celebrating today? – North Face.

– Yes.

Huge North Face Deals, ifyou've never watched me before, I find huge deals everyday, where we make sure you got hooked up withthe lowest price drops, and to be honest, I'mgenerally not someone you would see in a North Face jacket.

The prices are too muchfor me on North Face, I can't afford it, butI can afford it today.

Before they model the coatsand we get to the giveaway, I just wanna showcase thatall of the deals I find, which are all located rightunder this video screen, are their lowest recordedprices that I've seen.

I've been charting theprice drops for a long time, but unlike many of the deals I feature, these vary by color andsize in terms of price.

Highlights include awomen's North Face fleece for $49, men's coats likethe one I was wearing for $80 although this oneis a little bit puffier, and, I do wanna mentionthat Columbia also brings incredible value for as lowas $15, so I've included those as well but watch how the prices change from this $67 price to $89 and beyond depending on what size and color you pick.

It is a little bit frustrating, but if you're looking for abargain, I'm steering you toward the best deals located rightunder this video screen.

I'm wearing one of thedeals, Dominique is wearing another deal, and so is Luciana and we are going to show— I'm not wearing it.

– That's a good point, Luciana.

She'll be wearing it soon though, because we're gonna makeher model it for you.

One of my favorite features of many of the NorthFace jackets or coats, include a fleece material onthe inside that can be removed.

So, the fact that you candetach the fleece from the coat, you basically get two differentcoats out of the same thing, a heavier Winter jacket ifyou're in a part of the country where that matters, and thenyou also get that fleece that you can of course wear whenthings are not quite as cold.

Is North Face still aphenomenon, is that a thing? Cause I know people myage love North Face.

– Yeah, number one, it's a name brand, everyone loves name brands.

Number two, it has style, and as you can see, that's pretty true.

Number three, it's very lightweight and it keeps you warm, soright now we're in Winter so it keeps you warm,that's great, but as we're approaching Spring, it'sgreat to just have a nice, lightweight jacket thatdoesn't take up too much space so, those are the reasons why I like it.

– We just had a North Facerunway model right here.

– Great.

– Deal girl, you did great.

– Thanks.

– Have you ever professionally modeled before? – No.

– I think now you should start.

– You really should.

– My brother has.

– Your brother's been,- Really? – Yeah.

– Has he been a professional North Face model? – Well, no but kind of, he danced like this.

– That's great, and you think that constitutes modeling? That means that he's a model? – Yeah, sometimes he walkslike a model in our front hall.

– And now, what's it time for? – Giveaway.

– Today we're giving away a home power managementsystem valued at $50.

– Or if you prefer, I'll send you $50 to use on Amazon toward anything you want.

And the reason we're notgiving away North Face, we don't know what your sizes are, so it wouldn't be fair to justsend you some random color or size you might not want, here we go.

Using two buddies random selection process to find our lucky winner fortoday, congratulations a-r, just email support at mattsdailydeals.

Com to claim your freebie andsome of you have asked if you don't have a conventionalsubscriber name, can you still win, yes, whateveryour name is, as long as you've commented in the lastsix months, you're good to go.

– Woo, you won, you won the giveaway if your name was picked, you won.

You obviously know that.

– No, some of them don't know that and I'm really happy you said that.

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Great point, deal girl.

– Yeah.

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