2018 Chevrolet Traverse Review: First Impressions


the redesigned chevrolet traverse takes a lot of styling cues now from its former corporate sibling the GMC acadia but unlike the acadia which got smaller with its redesign the Traverse stays about the same size which makes it still a really good combination between a minivan and an SUV families take note up front you see a lot of similarities now to other Chevy vehicles cars like the Malibu and crews here with this grill you come around the side and here's where some of the acadia similarities take place a very flat belt line here check out the c-pillar very big kind of sweeps back here definitely looks like the old acadia come around back here overall this tale this new tail is supposed to emphasize with the chevrolet says it doesn't fairly good job of that and dimensions overall about the same but wheelbase up about two inches that helped out with interior space fairly roomy interior from the old diverse continues to carry over here finally with apple carplay Andriano now in the multimedia system a few things seem to have taken a step backwards some of the cabin materials here long places like the upper doors where your arms and elbows like a lot of that can change between obviously the very pre-production stuff you see the novel show and what you actually purchase so keep an eye on that some family-friendly features though including a second-row seats now that seemed to sit a little bit higher off the ground the old traverse have kind of low squat seats you're not a problem anymore there's third row access now that include a sliding feature like so that allows you to do this and have access to the way back seats while keeping a carseat a child seat in the second row obviously not with the baby in it Carter room behind the third row up seventeen percent as well so still lots of family-friendly features a very good mix between SUV's and minivans were excited to drive this once it goes on sale in summer of 2017 thanks for watching click here for more videos and here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.