2017 Volvo S90 Review


certain brands stand for certain things jeep is an off-road icon and BMW is the luxury brands for driving enthusiasts ball has long been the safety conscious brands and it's double down on that image with a goal by 2020 the automaker claims no one will be killed or seriously injured while riding in a nouveau at the same time always pushing further into the luxury market with cars like this new s90 sedan here three highlights all of them can be found inside starting with this beautiful cabin we tested the top-of-the-line inscription trim level and we're impressed the real wood trim looks great there's a real leather dashboard along with napa leather upholstery and there's a lot of unique controls like the ignition switch right on the council the next thing that really impressed was this brand-new nine inch touchscreen entertainment system there are just a handful of buttons on the dashboard because most systems are controlled by the screen i liked it because it's quick to respond and has smartly designed menus and it supports smartphone style interaction like pinch-to-zoom finally the s90 standard pilot system shows just how close self-driving technology is to reality when there are clear lane markings on the road the system will steer accelerate and brake the car at speeds up to 80 miles per hour in keeping with volvo safety tradition there are a whole host of other features such as City Safety low-speed collision avoidance lane-departure prevention blind spot warning and a 360-degree camera system well that's 90 has the look quality and technology of a top-shelf luxury sedan there's still room for improvement for one thing the driving experience just isn't there yet the supercharged and turbocharged four-cylinder in the t6 model offers great power in response but it's gradually engine sound is out of place in a flagship luxury car also the steel suspension ride quality is busy and lacks refinement and I like the dashboard touchscreen overall after driving the s90 for a few days i started to wish for in dependent temperature controls that weren't tied to the screen because as it is now they take your eyes off the road longer than they should when the Chinese company Julie bought volvo in 2010 there were questions about what would happen to the famed for his friend but with new models like the xc90 SUV and the s90 we now know what volvo wants to be and that's a true luxury brand rooted in keeping people safe while safety remains strong volvo needs to step up its luxury comfort game thanks for watching click here for more videos and here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.