2017 GoPro Karma — Is It Better? – Complete Review [4K]


Hey! Look what we got here GoPro 2017 model Mixed Both emerged from the aesthetic surgery 99 There are many problems, but the battery problem is not one of them

I wonder GoPro correct only the problem of the device with a lot of problems (other problems before hand) pulled out again? 2017 models did better than the hybrid model in 2016? The Haaaaa Yeah? 2017 Model mixed undisputed -Quieter- Absolutely More is definitely kaydırın- up to -Başl 2016 better than hybrid models

That makes it the worst 2 I blew drone CONTINUOUS SHEAR 5 HERO IN BAD SOUND QUALITY AND NOISE gimbal Second Male and female birds are falling on your face again Here it is Mix all 2016 models, you do not know (drone, gimbal, camera, etc

) was recalled Because Karma (2016) suddenly began to fall So on election night in November GoPro Karma (2016) he was recalled quietly 3 months later, he returned quietly to the market He does not fall because this new battery slots with new retaining clip So I went to the trouble that led to mixed suddenly fall Hee right in

Look, when mixed, what is done is updated Phantom 4 Pro output a drone with the sensor of the Sony RX100 Series 4k cinematic 60fps video 100Mbps can shoot

Let's put aside a bit as well Left 4 Phantom Pro + right GoPro Mixed I'm 400% yakınlaştıral Is that not enough, here is the 800% 30 minutes can fly Optical, equipped with sonar and infrared sensors Just perfect While mixed plastic surgery, she jumped into the world of drone era Because karma came back to drop a hard market Although he would tell me cesta GoPro new features There is no such thing They even add a sensor They even add automatic flight path Look at this Dobby Palms up Ozcem drone Even if you have two sensors two two! This drone smarter than mixed Understands voice commands Dobby end! Objects can follow

Faces able to follow Orbital motion and Fine can make a shot Can return home, he can shoot very good photos And it fits in cebinize Mixed What do you think Kıyamam never mind, let's talk about you All features of the Karma was only slightly heavier same as the previous model 1947 grams of the old mixed Now 1953 grams There are 3 km flight range

Still same 57 km / h speed can do They say 20 minutes but can fly I could fly just 16 minutes Quieter It was good Quieter! When drones are quite noisy life can be boring

For example, at sunrise or sunset the day people "pvffpzzzzz" They're concerned about noise 12 megapixel camera GoPro Hero 5 4k is able to capture 30 fps and 60mbps bitrate But they do not come down to where it stood Smart flight modes still do Karma is not an intelligent drone This is just Reputation No follow-up check mark No Tripod mode, nothing to do with the issue

When it comes to shift the subject, his own mind when it comes to a mixed number harket Look look look Haha after landing Wait, wait to hit the ground 2016 is not the same way with only mixed when the drone flies Battery life lost time 6 minutes 40 seconds It's a bit dangerous, because you need to look a drone on the one hand while on the other hand should look The result is often a return to take control of you

I have no idea why it GoPro corrections Still old-style propellers When you do a little dangerous because the brakes can come and unwind Of course, there should have been some improvements as well 2016 models that draw you remember Karma itself He does not draw

They added this thing That is no longer drawn to I would say that this strange but beautiful trail of sticky dishes is staying in now But it is good to draw from himself And the problem is no longer tilted horizon Perhaps in system Hero 4, Guitar Hero 5 Download is good

The horizon is now flat Current GoPro Hero 4, Guitar Hero 5 does not sell Mix Session So maybe that's why Fortunately, I thing called Karma bride's fly but what the product name to be withdrawn There is one more reason he needs Karman sensor

Reputation feature needs to avoid the collision Because it has the Hero Hero 5 and proximity sensing camera How soon do you think the finger camera? That's it As a result, really difficult to detect the distance to objects For example, I'm extremely close to the trees in this video

If you are flying drone If you want to take the highest resolution So you can better stable You can crop more beautiful if you want to 1080p You want to have any kind of freedom But this thing is done only 4k video in wide-angle shots It does not allow the normal angle

4k just wide As a result, in 2017 Karma better but we still have to get a lot of problems They fix the alternator to the car, but this car is still going software dating from November 2016 Table of Contents Although he Although 2017 model That software untreated

simulation disgrace still in control FPS is still inadequate Mix very hard in the animation Let's see if we still have teeth What it has such beautiful eyes My teeth duruyo

My head was already empty 🙂 Let's see how long Control opens Come on, we should make the job a little more interesting than I Buddha Phantom 4 Pro's control This again will be a little difficult because you have to press 2 times to run Let's open until the end of the brightness Wherein the same

You have to think you can easily see the difference But the software controls what is happening collapsed? I show you that If you have a reset button is in Phantom 4 Pro if the software crashes And you can continue to use the drones The software will start again Here it was installed in this way

Such acres of what I do Did you drop control? If you remember the video we could take today, tomorrow 2016 Reputation get it right You also have the new Karma Is it correct? What time is it? 18:15 Good evening, Faruk 18:15 pretends

Just let's fix I was suppose Let's close We are opening the controller Mix açalım Let's take video for a few seconds

But actually we do not need Done I draw Preferences Hour

02:17 This video is making so many problems when editing And quite disturbing Yeah! I took GoPro Hero 5 i Currently you can hear my voice from Sennheiser Clipmic Currently, the Sony RX100 Mark 4 But now Sony FDRX3000 GoPro Hero 5 sounds in now

Black Or gray Though mostly gray Now I'm going to wear GoPro yu Mixed flu Current GoPro Hero 5 to the sound you hear is coming After 1 minute screen turns off auto financing

In fact, why do I need to save some battery Closed So how do we open it now? I'm printing for that? This is not perhaps the following Yes, that's it Guess what pressure does When I press the power button puts mark

Gone is still open but the screen is going on? Let's close And again, let's open There are a lot of design choice that makes me sick For example, if you want to keep the locking ring on the flu then you must attach the gimbal But then you lock it stands So why not stay on top of this it So maybe I connect it to my bag

So if we are talking about portability and you do not want it to be useful? When shooting this video GoPro Passanger application was not in the Appstore But then he came back And it works I found one bug Mixed Passenger now let's get to connect to the required applications and connected It is trying to find Karma Finn begins to move up inside

Passenger connected It works perfectly fine And here on this little thing can give pressure to the camera control the Passenger application Camera settings You can pan the camera up and down You can start and stop recording You can access these settings by pressing the Home Connect / Store / you can reach the About section In the end he works

Passenger disconnected When WiFi or cutting back the Passenger connection I want to try something different Change the password Last Passenger application when I change the password did not work

Let's see if that will work now? Forget this network Turn back Mixed Passenger What's the password? mixed and 4 0 Guess what? Not connected If the password is connecting again if I set GoPro mixed

Allow Passenger Connected Well connected Let's change the password again

Let the Karmaaaa Mixed 5-aaaa He says you connected What eye problems? eklesek a number to 0, for example reopened Seriously, "like a drone from more" puzzle game You want to play? Issue "0" do? If your password is "0" if it contains not connect

Here's my GoPro sorunuda we solve GoPro what wisdom does not fix this big problem or not you want to fix Perhaps it will surprise us this düzelts drone, he would win our love It would scare other competitors A portable diyolar Karma The complex lie

Karma is far from portable Karman near where the only advantage (short) be So you can fit it in a bag The other drones made a very nice bags for themselves That does not matter This thing Mavica, even the Phantom 4 and even Yuneec Typhoon Hu too much heavy

But the reason why so slow? Hawaii'deyk who had climbed here in my bag MaviCin In fact, not only MaviCin Mavic, extra batteries, camera vlogs I had extra batteries for cameras And even if I feel that my bag is heavy But if I cause any particularly with its mix it in the coffin I would probably go back to finish the ride at all Do not misunderstand, I'll carry it, but not necessarily carry Phantom 4 Pro +'m going to carry that weight alabiliy result in something beautiful

Is portability a big problem? No subject if you do not move DJI Inspire 2 If we are talking about a drone from handy I would probably outside all day And I'll have a convenient way to charge my battery And this battery is charging MaviCin 's battery to consume more energy This means that if I use such an external AC power, the output This for both a drone flying less my battery will charge less

Our day during my last trip we had unplanned That's why I had with me MaviCin Tiny and lightweight drone in my bag But the day passed and I knew how I wanted my preference would be to produce quality shots Phantom 4 Pro "I get GoPro mixed in this case precisely because it does fit" I do not see much of a time when I can say Yes they fix a few problems in the new model and will be nailed to the self contained But is that enough? OK, this thing is cheap, it comes with GoPro and flu

You're right Yes, these things do not mean cheap but good In this problem This is cheap (poor quality) of a drone It is so cheap that does not even come next memory card

If you want to wholesale the memory card comes for 50 cents So why would you want to get a cheap drone that? To say "I want to get a cheap parachute" as being the same thing People, ocean, cars, dogs, you do not want something cheap you are getting something flying over the baby You can not ask something you can not control 100% After the initial Composite video people "do not need me, I'm a professional sensors" Comments like that horse To say "I do not need a microphone at the concert, I say good singing" the same as well If you like the drone s and if you think it is a good drone

The other man I want to see your face when you fly s smart drone Thank you for watching this episode Come Do you have time to talk about u Excuse me, sir 2017 mixed drone? "A drone is More Than" Hey, what are you doing here, Mr Woodman Sells canvass door to door

Why wait? You BAD BECAUSE IT SHOWS you condemn me my dick !!! Hee completely stopped completely Yes, I have all of your tools missing in my video Self movement, automatic stroke, battery problem, issue date, curved horizon, missing sensor, passenger application This is not to discredit the facts The only my personal opinion was how ugly it looks and disgrace the name

YOU!! YOU GIVE MONEY DJ Le They're TRYING SANA PARACIKLA is !! Meanwhile give me some money right now are not very clear in hehe I do not work for anyone, and I do not get no money kimsed except Do'st Why do not you ask something in his head before fitting is perhaps bad Karma You understand bad karma? LIAR! You say they RATES THIS LIE YOU HAVE READ Engadget TA !! tutuyo knowing they throw something to help you And this does not change the fact that mixed self-fall

I was invited as guest speaker DJIA, we do those things we tubules A lot of us are doing it hee true But these modern merchants are very easy to tell a lie I was reading the views of a break and I believe them, but they praise the so how do you pay more products Yes I mean, you know, it is born Look of working with you, I do not care at all Compare Sony FDR I'm fine with GoPro Hero 5, but I do not want to do because the Sony X3000 better But you have a lot of fans are worried to death when he saw behind many of your product Who puts a touch screen camera waterproof? Audio quality is very poor and the same as the old image quality Yeah

So I told him that what they do is better than the Sony "Sony will pay it" they will say Or 'working with Sony' I so wish I had worked incredibly family discounts Why are you still eklemiyos drone of a sensor? Correct the gimbal s voice, improve control and eliminate major problems Look, I'm going to repeat myself

I'm glad you came back I'm glad you re-enter the game I love that you love to compete u to your drone OOOOOOĞĞĞĞ KARMAA THAN ONE FAZLASIIIIIII of drones The only problem is not no more man come there from the axle It Is What I'm goin 'crazy Wait, wait, I wish I apologize

One last thing Can I get mixed coffin? He COFFIN NOT! Here you go thanks Why the opposite side will be kept in place? to be here You "fazlasısııı more than a douchebag" Why why

ok bye Thank you for watching this episode I hope you like Please do not forget to subscribe biyerde from there WORLD DOMINATION KATILLLLL Bia in summer 2017 in the comments section what you think about karma

Did something better can they do? Sensors olurmu was good? If the best of it? always they stay in the past? See you again until you are seeing the veee vhoooşşşçakalı 🙂 the DURURIR