⁉️Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus| Review| My Thoughts?


hi guys its Daph here, back again with another video.

Um, im coming to you today to review the Redken deep conditioner mask and probably by far one of the best deep conditioners i've ever used and i will say this, it has very good slip this product is a type of product when you're washing it out of your hair you cannot tell if the product is all out or, a little bit still in your hair that's how good it is this product i got it from Ulta, for $18.




Ended up being like 20 bucks.

and trust me you can get it cheaper online and that I was highly upset when i bought this and i found out you can get for like 10 or 11 books at jcpenney at amazon get this you can get this way cheaper than 20 and 18 bucks, but it was my first time being in Ulta and my Ulta is like two hours of way y'all so you know I was happy when i was at the I was like OH LOOK AT THIS! LOOK AT THAT! like I even care i was just like and heaven and I wish we had one here and one is in Kansas City amazing i give it a nine out of ten and the only reason nine is because the smell is very light and I'm the type of person like overbearing hair products if it gives you a headache i love it so I just like to smell my hair all day like after flat iron my hair wash it and he goes through that whole process I like to smell my hair is just so light to me and it is runny about but yes it is a runny product but normally my hair likes / are thicker conditioners but this one's really not bad at all I mean it's not to runny but it's not Thick either.

so far I have not reviewed a product that i did not like I personally love this you guys want me to review the moroccan oil deep conditioner i will do that because someone asked me on my Instagram what I thought about that and I was like dang I haven't tried it yet so I don't know if it's good and not but I've heard that it was really really good so i might just try that next week thumbs up this video if you want to see more reviews like this i'm willing to go out and buy conditioner you guys suggest because 1 i need conditioners i know they say if it's broke it's broke don't fix it but I love my need conditioners because one my hair is bleached and on top top of flat iron it every week which is a lot it's a lot of stress on my hair so i need conditioners any so about this product it says Provides intense fortifying care to the core of highly distressed hair extreme strength builder plus interlock protein network so it does have protein and my hair does extremely well with proteins y'all it just I'm not protein sensitive at all every product I use every product has protein in it.

protects internal strength reinforced surface protection and shine hair is healthy looking and resilient so i can say it does my hair really shiny I can totally tell when I was a deep conditioner and when I don't use a deep conditioner conditioner after my hair is flat iron I did not use one this last time because i was doing the moroccan oil and I wanted to use it by itself which that shampoo is a really good i mean next week when I watched my hair i would definitely be using this because I can tell when my hair doesn't when it doesn't have that in there alright guys that was the end of the review like I said if you'd like more videos like this please give it a thumbs up and suggest in the comments below on what you like me to try next or message me on instagram our reply back everybody obviously I don't have a lot of followers easy for me to reply to everybody and I love all 70 of my subscribers thank you guys so much for just giving me the time of day watching my videos i love you thank you so much and byeeeee!.