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The popularity of extreme sports has continued to grow over the past decade These activities are carried out at high speed, high altitude, the high degree of physical effort

It is agreed that any amount of words is not enough to convey thrill and skiing, Diving deep in the sea, jumping rope or rummaging in the water or any other adventure sport This argument can be proved by considering how to learn these types of sports self-reliance, Teamwork and let everyone leave their comfort zone First, dangerous sports help to develop self-confidence and independence For example, by meeting the challenge of adventure sports such as surfing, Young people overcome their fears and fears Road and develop a sense of extraordinary accomplishment This makes it clear that sliding on the giant waves, Instead of an internal game, it helps develop balance, using more muscle groups, Taking a trip in an uncontrolled environment that stimulates the brain with innumerable variables

Thus, achieving your goals in unexpected weather, Recognize the thrill of the succulent storm and make it at home safely Promotes the overall personality of an adventurer Moreover, many people are reluctant to experience new things like diving Mountain biking, white river pool, parachute jumping and others, believing it They do not have the skills or the ability to enjoy it Encouraging people to experiment with new activities builds team spirit, Strengthen the positive attitude and make it comes from their comfort zone Thus, we can say this through the experience of hazardous sports, One can get rid of the negative feeling and develop the feeling of working as a team Although the facts mentioned above are all very positive, They are still not the reason for its growing popularity

The real answer to her appeal is that there are no limits in this sport as well as laws of gravity While the football player can only play within the course of almost 120X40 The race car can run along a track of up to 5 miles A surfer can decide when visiting any of the oceans or seas around the world The basejumper can jump from any height and from each cliff or tower selected in different weather conditions In opposition to the eventual many of the average sports rules such as Many types of control in ballgames or movements are defined in athletics trick board riders It can be at worst a little clumsy but no one will say that cheating or unfair What kind of adventure sport develops the spirit of competition and Makes one face the problems of the future with the greatest patience When one participates in these types of sports activities, One can become able to cope with various vicissitudes of life Because adventure sports require a great deal of hard work

Moreover, there will be a chance to meet people of the type and they can enjoy another company After that, the person gets an exciting experience that keeps nostalgic memories of the past Finally, the person will be trained so One may serve his country by joining defense services So, it’s clear that adventure sports are very useful However, adventure sports have a flip side that affects

In general, this sport is chosen by young people and in case of play may be seriously injured, Sometimes you may become physically disabled Moreover, in extreme cases, this sport may cause the death of a person, For example, race cars, which gives suspense but with a simple error may cost their precious lives Thus, these sports are serious To sum up, ultimately by taking proper care and caution, One can reduce the disadvantages of these sports