Trump picks ExxonMobil chief Rex Tillerson for secretary of state

chief Rex Tillerson
Trump picks ExxonMobil chief Rex Tillerson for secretary of state

President-elect Donald Trump has nominatedthe chairman and CEO of the world's biggest energy company, ExxonMobil, as his secretaryof state.

Another multi-millionaire to join the Cabinet,and just a few picks left to go.

The selection of Tillerson, who has closeties to Russia, could lead to a contentious confirmation hearing.

Our Hwang Hojun has the details.

Not a diplomat, not a lawmaker, not a publicofficeholder of any kind.

but a businessman is set to become the America'stop diplomat under the incoming Donald Trump Administration.

President-elect Trump has chosen the ExxonMobilchairman and CEO Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state.

a man who, like Trump himself,has no formal foreign policy experience.

In fact, his career has been spent entirelyat Exxon, but Trump called Tillerson a "world-class player" during an interview on Sunday withFox News.

The transition team will likely focus on Tillerson'sproficiency in complex negotiations as the leader of the world's biggest energy company.

Tillerson has built close relationships withmany world leaders by closing massive deals across Eurasia and the Middle East.

Which is why the selection could face morescrutiny than usual when the Senate holds its confirmation hearings, especially becauseTillerson is reported to have close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

formedas Tillerson was doing business in Russia.

It's an issue that has not only the Democratsbut also many Republicans uneasy.

Experts had expressed concern with Tillerson'spossible selection as well the foreign policy gestures and statements Trump's made so far,saying they're wrecking protocol established through decades of delicate diplomacy.

In the case of South Korea, in particular,that volatility could put strain on a long-standing bilateral relationship.

"The FTA, the North Korean nuclear issue,and the defense burden-sharing — if the U.


really approaches these issues as purely abusiness matter, that will be a problem for Korea.

By choosing a businessman as Secretary ofState, the next administration is dangerously unpredictable, which will be difficult forSeoul because we don't know what they will bring to the negotiation table.

" The Secretary of State is by law the third-highestofficial in the executive branch of the U.


federal government, after the President andVice President and the fourth in line to succeed the Presidency.

Hwang Hojun, Arirang News.