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Hello, and here are the international LGBTnews headlines from Pinksixty.

Two men in Tunisia will stand trial on January6th after a police officer accused them of being gay, after watching them on the street.

The men, both in their early 20s say theywere assaulted by police and one subjected to an anal exam.

A British transgender teenager has been awardedcompensation after a council official revealed his identity to his estranged, adoptive parents.

The boy had previously severed all ties withthem after they refused to accept him as male.

Montenegro Pride was held on Saturday in theBalkan nation’s capital, Podgorica.

Activists called on their families to jointhem in solidarity on the march, as the government prepares to introduce new same sex partnershiplaws.

Adrian and Aaron Dignam Mills became Gibraltar’sfirst same sex couple to marry on the island on Friday at a ceremony attended by the ChiefMinister, Fabian Picardo.

Gibraltar passed same sex civil marriage legislationin October.

And finally, LGBT sporting website OUTsportshas named it’s male & female sporting heroes of 2016.

Puerto Rican  boxer Orlando Cruz won topmale and British Olympic boxer, Nicola Adams was honoured as top female.

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