2001 Audi S3 8L Quattro Review / Ауди S3 – сивата стрела / The gray arrow


Hi! Today we are going to show you that car and what do you say at first glance? That is Audi A3! Yes, but it isn't It looks like an Audi A3, but it is S3, has nothing in common with the A3 and today we will show you why There is Nicky, he is finally here

Hi! I am actualy late because I just met a man who has seen the car we are reviewing today and who said "Audi A3, 110 hp diesel, just like mine!" Yes but no! This here is S3, better than an A3 with we start with a K04 turbo giving us 209hp, Quattro, wider fenders, different bumpers, sport suspension, bigger wheels, wider tires, and a huge list of optional extras which we are going to show you later in the video The S3 here is first generation – they were produced from 1999 to 2003 Now we are going to talk more about the engine – it is the most important part of this car after all and because it works out at the gym it is jacked The engine has 3 versions – the first two APY and AMK have 209hp and the last BAM is a liitle bit stronger it is 225hp, just like in Audi TT where the engine is the same Because the main difference between the three engines is the software, remapping is not a problem And after you install forged rods it can handle a lot of power Yes and this is the reason why those cars are often modified there are always some modifications and it is really hard to find a clean stock car Let's clamp the hand of Nicky with the hood – it doesn't work because the shock is only one but working well What do we also see here – an original strut bar The germans have put a lot of effort in building this car I am already in the car, and the first thing that grabs my attention is the steering wheel it is sporty, ergonomical, with an S3 badge beneath and super comfortable I look at the dasboard – classically german, clean and with the rubber coating that easily gets scratched but this can be fixed Dual zone climate control, heated Recaro seats which are extremely comfortable and also electric Here it is leather with blue alcantara – I, honestly said, don't like the color Other annoying thing in those cars are the squeaky door handles – this has left from the VW Golf 4 We have a sunroof

I open the glovebox which also squeaked a little and what do I see – tape The owner obviously wants to fix some stuff There is also an armrest which is unfortunately broken I don't know why and what days has it seen to be broken but it is missing As we said in the beginning, the car has a lot of improvements compared to the standard model For example, the brakes here have bigger, 312mm discs and the rear ones are ventilated unlike the standard A3 Originally the car is equipped with 17" wheels, you could have also purchased 18" – the same like in Audi TT and here the owner has put 19" – in this case OZ Superleggera with pretty good tires As you can see, the wheel is really close to the fender because the car usually has a lower, sport suspension, but here it is changed with an even better one which improves the handling even more, despite the fact it is already excellent with the big tires and the Quattro The standard suspension, despite all its perks, often brakes springs which is one of the weak spots of the model Other weak spots are rust on the roof around the railings and also on the underside of the doors Sometimes there are problems with the electronics inside – for example dead pixels on the board computer the electrical seats tend to fail and sometimes there are problems with the xenon lights because it levels thanks to a sensor in the rear of the car – when it brakes the lights start pointing down When you are looking at cars for sale, sometimes only one of the lights is pointing down instead of both in that case you don't have a problem with the sensor, but with the adjusting mechanism of the light Speaking of lights, this here is a facelift one because the car is 2001 and 2001 is exactly the production year when the facelift came out The difference in this light is that it is a one piece with the turning signal unlike the earlier model where the turning signal and the light are separate components Also, the braking lights are crystal on the facelift and the dashboard has light cosmetic changes We are close to the end of our video Because it was such a warm day here in our sea capital the sun has shined over us a lot and our heads have overheated So, let's say some final words about the car Yes, for starters, there will not be a video of us driving the car this time, but we already have built our opinions It is true it weights 1500kg, but with the powerful engine and the Quattro drivetrain the dynamics is excellent I like it a lot

S: For its price range, this is one of the best cars you can buy – it gives everything: a good and powerful engine, stable suspension ensuring confidence in the corners, nice looks and a big enough saloon where you can fit 4 people Yes, that's true Honestly, I would like to buy such a car – eventually remapped, but as we said a lot of people are selling already modified ones, it is hard to find a stock car If you have liked the video, and I am interrupting my colleague because today we are done N: It is from the sun from taking 1000 shots If you liked the video, press the like button Down in the description, not here beneath down there in the description you can like our Facebook page and there somewhere in your right, my left you can subscribe and here you can see our previous video with that orange Fiat – the little, cute one And so, until the next time We are going to show you a very interesting car, but we are not going to tell you what it is because we should not reveal everything

Bye! Bye-bye! I am very happy Very, very happy So we are in frame or more likely, this is a special frame someone wants to go, but not me

No, I want to go actually because while shooting the video, we found out there is a used condom right next to us and I am a little depressed from everything Why do you do it people, why on public places? Why? Don't you have

There are houses, cars, everything Stop, please stop, stop doing such things on public places I can't handle this anymore Some cars are moving again And with some forged rods a lot of modifications could happen Yes, Chefo couldn't do *makes sound* But really, I am feeling sick because of this blue saloon

I am feeling really sick because of it, really Oh, my stomach is going to tear me apart today This is probably the most memorable shoot ever Oh, Oh God, it has torn me apart Hell no, fuck off