Taco Bell | Loaded Fries Review! Peep THIS Out


YouTube and social media peep this out guys It's Ian K back again with another one for you here at a Taco Bell test location in irvine california to take a look at a brand-new item they've got on the menu that may just see a national release of things go well that's right guys your eyes don't deceive you there actually testing fries over here and talk about right now and look to definitely be loaded with all the talk about goodness that we know and love and something that I like to think it's kind of like their version of mexican chilli fries and real fast let me send a special shout-out over to chew boom and my wife for breaking news on this one taking place here in Southern California and being that Irvine is about 40 minutes from where I live I definitely have a swing on down and check this out so let's not waste any more time guys before i take that first bite to give my thoughts like I always do let's get right up on at first and see what these loaded fries are all about let's peep this out welcome to the after party or is it the pregame show since Taco Bell hasn't quite gone national with all-new loaded fries bellgrande and I sure hope they do guys because these fries over here at taco bell sure do look pretty crispy they're definitely seasoned up and of course you've got all the talk about goodness that you know and love all of the meat the sour cream and nacho cheese sauce the diced tomatoes all that good stuff in there all on top of what looks like some pretty nicely seasoned fries now since this is the bell grande version of course is going to be just a lot more fries and a lot more of the toppings but you can get a supreme version which is just a smaller portion of it for about a dollar less but I gotta say the presentation does look pretty fantastic and these are currently in tests over here in irvine california let me do one more flyby on this one for you guys because the seasoning on the surprise is pretty insane looking it looks absolutely fantastic there are some of these fries here that are extremely coated like these two coming up right over here and I'm thinking it's all gonna play pretty nicely with all the meaty cheesy gooey goodness that this one has to offer so they go the loaded fries bellgrande in tests over here at taco bell in irvine let's speak about this flavor all right off the bat let me just tell you this is definitely talk about through and through the aroma that I'm getting right now is all the familiar stuff that we already know from the beef to the nacho-cheese everything smells very familiar but i do have to stay it's a very heavy potato smell at the same time let me give one of their new fries shot for us just to see what we're working with you know judging by the seasoning I thought this might be a little bit more cage and maybe a little bit spiciness to it there but actually it's kind of sweet they're not super crispy primarily because of all the hot gooeyness on the top there but i do have to say the seasoning is adding just a little bit of saltiness a little bit of sweetness it's actually a lot of dents potatoey goodness on the inside and the length of each of these fries is pretty even across the board to so not bad they're all right let me get a little bit of everything on the sport here all the goodness that we already know from taco bell here we go the brand new mexican chilli fries aka the loaded fries bellgrande over here at Taco Bell mmm yeah this definitely reminds me of an order of chili fries by far just a little bit of taco bell kick to it there i do have to say the thickness of the fries though really does add something to the mix there on the type of seasoning that they're using on this one like I said it's a little sweet is really adding a little bit to the beef believe it or not the sweetness that you're getting from that and then the flavor of the beef itself for some reason is standing out to me more than anything else naturally it's followed immediately with the sour cream and of course the cheese for me and since the amount of potato and the inside of these prizes pretty thick overall it's a very hearty bite em pretty tasty did you ever think you'd see the day when talk about would serve a lot of the familiar ingredients on top of some semi crispy french fries well this one goes national you definitely will it's the thickness of the fries that easily make this mmm yeah definitely on top of the tastings to talk about is anyway at least to make one more shot of the seasoning the outside of these fries with a light christmas and a little bit of sweetness to go with a nice decent amount of potato on the inside not bad at all and if you're a taco bell fan you'll have that much more to love especially if you get the bell grande version of these new loaded fries well some pretty interesting yet familiar flavors on this one guys all the ingredients that you already know from talk about like you've heard me say throughout this review are going to be exactly what you know the only difference is that what's under it is not the tortilla chips that you expect and with that said replacing those tortilla chips with actual french fries their version of them over here is really the thing that really sets this one apart obviously so the real question here is what are these fries actually bring the quote-unquote afterparty well they bring a lot of meanness on their own for sure with a decent amount of potato on the inside each of them especially in the bell grande version and they've got just enough Christmas to hold their composure with all the gooeyness that's on the top there is that from a little bit of sweetness to so while it all doesn't together pretty well as all talk about food usually does as you're eating it there there's just a lot of quantity that you're gonna get there and it's very satisfying with each bite so I'm a bomb sexy face scale of one to ten the loaded fries girl grande testing here at taco bell in irvine california is going to get an easy nine out of 10 it's talk about good as on top of some pretty potato french fries that doesn't really have any missing the tortilla chips too much but on the real if you had beans for this this is straight up mexican chilli fries through and through but of course that's just my humble opinion as always if any of my local peeps have been down at the urban area you've given these loaded fries a shot over here at taco bell drop a comment down below let me know what you thought that they remind you of chili fries like they did me and would you like to see these go national very curious to hear your thoughts on this one and that's it for now gang this is the Ian K closing out another episode of peep this out here at taco bell in irvine california taking a look at the test only at the moment loaded fries bellgrande some pretty tasty talk about goodness guys if you haven't already please like share comment and subscribe if little bell down below next to my 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Com and keep in touch and meet all the dresses that you see right above me this after all is peace out baby you know how we do we'll definitely talk to you next time stay frosty not a bad portion size 42 bucks i would definitely love to see this one go national alright guys until the next review talk to you.