Recipe for healthy festive peppers

Recipe for healthy festive peppers
Recipe for healthy festive peppers


I'm Mitzi and today we are going to do festivepeppers.

I will tell you about the basic ingredients,which are the Honeysuckle, turkey sausage, and it's sweet, tomatoes, olive oil, freshpeppers, parmesan, spices.

So, the only thing I had to purchase, everythingelse I already had, was the bread and the peppers.

And the recipe will be on my website www.



So, the first thing we do is, after I puta little olive oil in the pan to coat it, not much.

And then I split the package and I put theturkey sausage in the hot oil.

And now I'm going to get the meat going andthen I will be cutting up the peppers.

But I just cut this, as it browns.

And many times I have used two packages.

I might even put two packages in today.

I like a lot of protein, I need a lot of protein,and so, this is an easy way to get it.

While the meat is cooking, I'm cutting upthe peppers.

And I have them in strips, a couple incheslong, but whatever is your liking, how you like to eat them in a dish, that's what youdo.

So, now we have our meat browned, our turkeysausage is browned.

And I'm adding… these are Amish spices.

They're organic, but whatever you have.

This is chopped onions, and I will, again,have the recipe, but I cook by the seat of my pants, so you're going to see me just doingthis a lot.

But as close as I can, I will be giving arecipe.

But all of this that I'm going to be givingto you on this cooking section, they are ideas – not exact.

So, feel free to experiment.

And those of you, really left-brained likemy husband, you'll want specifics, so I will try.

So, what I've done.

Chopped onions, dried, chopped onion.

This was course black pepper, this is basil,and this is dried garlic.

And so, Bob and I love garlic.

My friend Becky says, if something calls forthree cloves, she puts in 10.

But this is dry.

So, we have the spices, the herbs, the spicesin.

And now I have our diced tomatoes.

I'm going to add those.

And then I have… I usually add one can of water to this, butfirst of all, I just mix it up, and then I'm going to add our peppers.

I try and mix it up first, so I don't… I'm a very messy cook, they say the messiestcooks are the best, so I'm going to try not to be too messy on these videos.

But, I can't promise anything.

So, now, we're adding the peppers.

And this is actually between a stew and asoup, and you can add as much water, tomatoes, liquid, as you want.

I put red wine in this.

But I'm just letting this now… Bob, if you want to come over and show this.

This is really now liquidy, but it will thickenup somewhat, but not a lot.

But it will thicken as the juices steam out.

So, I'm going to cover it, and I would say,low to medium heat, pretty low heat for about 15 minutes.

And, we'll check it then.

So, here we are.

Festive peppers' finished.

One of our favorite meals and we hope youlove it too.