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Beth’s Bread Pudding
Beth’s Bread Pudding

– Hey guys, today I'mgonna show you how to make a super simple holidaydessert idea, known as my panettone bread pudding withbourbon scented whipped cream.

It's delicious, it's decadent, and the best part is it'sso easy to put together.

Let me show you how to make it.

So for this recipe, we aregonna be working with panettone.

And if you're not familiar with it, it is a delicious Italian bread that has the consistency of a brioche.

And then it's dotted withthese delicious candied citrus, as well as dried fruits.

It's a great bread tojust eat all on its own, but when you bake it in a bread pudding, the results are sublime.

So you wanna spray a 12by nine casserole dish with some baking spray.

And then you're going to cut the panettone into one inch cubes.

And you can pop that in the casserole.

You're going to be usinga pound and a half.

So typically if you get alarge size it's a pound.

So it's basically one and a half.

You can save the otherhalf wrapped in foil.

It makes for great toast the next day.

Then you can set this asidewhile we mix our egg batter.

So I like to do this in alarge, four cup Pyrex pitcher, because it'll make it really easy to pour this custard overthe bread once it's done.

So you're gonna crack in 12 eggs.

I know, but it's a lot of bread, and it does make this reallycustardy and delicious.

So it does take a full dozen.

Two cups of heavy cream.

I know, but it is the holidays.

I promise I'll give yousome healthy recipes once we hit the new year.

But the heavy cream is gonna make this really rich and delicious.

And it's also gonna help the bread pudding keep it's shape whenwe cut it into squares.

And to that you're also gonna add a third of a cup of white sugar.

Two teaspoons of vanilla extract.

And then for some spice, we're going to add twoteaspoons of ground nutmeg.

Three quarters teaspoon of ground cloves.

One teaspoon of brown cinnamon.

And a quarter teaspoon of salt.

And you can go ahead andwhisk that whole thing up.

And then you'll have this beautiful egg custard on your hands.

And then you are going topour this over the bread, just making sure it's equally distributed.

And one of the things Ilike to do at this stage is to actually not submergethose top cubes of bread.

You can put a little custard on it, but don't actually totally submerge it.

Only because that will allowthat bread to toast up, and get nice and crunchyon top after it's baked.

And I think that's a great textural thing when you have bread puddingthat has a little crunch on top.

And then it's really silky and smooth and custardy underneath.

Then you're gonna cover yourcasserole with some foil, and you can place in the fridge.

You can do either overnight or four hours.

Then you're gonna bake at350, covered, for 30 minutes.

And then after that you'regonna remove the foil, and allow it to bake foranother 10 to 15 minutes.

You'll know that it's done when that bread pudding ispuffed up and golden brown.

And you can allow it to cool slightly.

And then what I like to do is dust a little powdered sugar on top.

And then you can go ahead and cut it into some nice, generous squares.

And then we're gonnaserve this with a dollop of my bourbon scented whipped cream.

I think it's a reallygreat flavor combination to have some soft whipped cream that has a little bit of alcohol in it.

But if you don't drink, youcould definitely leave it out.

Or another thing you could do, is add a teaspoon of rumextract to the whipped cream.

And I'll leave you all theserecipes in the description.

I hope you guys give this one a try, and let me know what you think.

And I will actually seeyou back here tomorrow when I'm going to be postingmy fourth and final episode in my holiday helper series.

I'm gonna show you how to put together three festive table settings to make your holiday meals extra special.

Until then, bye.

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