Paraquad Acccessible Health and Wellness Center Construction Update

Paraquad Acccessible
Paraquad Acccessible

Hi everyone.

Happy post-Thanksgiving.

We're in the building again, and this willbe the last update before we move in this weekend.

So this is the entrance where you'll walkin.

We have two automatic double doors.

Then we're going to come around the side.

We got our countertop in the main entranceinstalled, which is beautiful.

And then we're going to go into the men'slocker room.

The women's locker room is on the other side,and they're very similar.

But all the walls got painted, we have sinksand countertops, we have bathroom stalls and and we got part of the showers installed in here.

So like I said, the women's locker room ispretty similar.

I think we got a little more mirror spaceand countertop space.

So coming out, we're going to go all the waydown to the entrance to the gym.

Again, remember WashU's space is on our right, and there will be a door right there to get direct entrance into their space.

Our conference room is on the left here.

That's still going to get some carpet putin it.

And then here is our main entrance to thegym.

Our welcome window got its countertop installedand our glass window's installed.

So this is where people will check in.

And if you kind of come around the cornerand look to our left, we got our wall full of mirrors were put in on that side.

So people can watch their form for tryingto correct any like positioning, they can look in the mirror and self-correct themselves.

Here's WashU's doors into their space.

They're still finishing up part of their floor,but all their offices are painted, doors are on the offices, which are a big deal.

And if you come out of their space and goto the right, this is Logan's space.

So again, kind of everything is painted, covered,their countertop for the student area is all put in.

Not much has changed on our offices besideswe got office doors, so those are all still there.

But soon they're going to be putting the carpetin our offices, too.

And then we're gonna go and see the two bathroomsthat are in the gym area.

So they've had the shower in for awhile, butnow we have a sitting area and the first toilets installed, which is a big deal.

And again, this is all painted and we'll havea mat table in here.

And then there's another bathroom on the otherside that's just a mirror image of that.

Then the skills course — just kind of takea quick view at it.

It's gonna get covered fairly shortly.

That's what these rolls are here.

All the metal got painted and it's come along way.

Our cross slope is eventually going to bebuilt along this wall.

Then on the other side of the wall, whichstaff is pretty excited about, our counters and cabinets got installed, so we're goingto have two refrigerators in here, an icemaker, dishwasher, and then all this storage andeverything of our supplies that we have.

And then to end, we'll have our washer anddryer to clean all the tools and supplies that we need.

So it's all these little details coming together.

We're pretty excited and thankful for it,so that's it.

Hope you liked the update.